2018 Guide: Top 7 Lightweight Gis for Summer!

2018 Guide: Top 7 Lightweight Gis for Summer!

If the word “lightweight” got your attention, it was put in the title for a good reason. In the warmer months of the year, anything I can wear that is considered “lightweight” is going to get my attention. That’s because as far as I’m concerned if it’s lightweight, I’m going to be comfortable wearing whatever that garment happens to be. When that garment happens to be a lightweight gi, I’m very likely going to look forward to wearing it more often. I know, it’s a lot to do with logic. So, with that in mind, I would like to introduce you to the seven gis in the world of Gi Clothing that I think is the best for BJJ and are comfortable because they are lightweight.

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Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links (at no extra cost to you). These are all things that I have experience with that I am recommending because they are helpful and are companies that I have personally purchased from, not because of the commissions that I may earn from you using these products. ~ Brendan.  If you have any questions about the links on this page, please email me!

1. Tatami Fightwear Zero G V4


Did you see what they did with the name here? I love the play on words…lightweight becomes fightweight. But that’s not the coolest (pun intended) factor to keep in mind here. This gi weighs just a few kilos. The pearl weave jacket is just 475gsm and the double reinforced twill pants are just 9oz. The whole package weighs just 1.5kilos. I know, it’s insane but don’t let the crazy lightweight of this gi fool you as it is made to last. The pants panels look sharp featuring contrast stitching. The design is created to be a competition fit, which provides a maximum advantage. The Zero-G V4 branding is located in strategic locations and the collar is rubberized to reduce moisture absorption and is made from twill material for added durability. It’s not sitting at the Number One spot on this list for nothing!

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2. Fuji Suparaito BJJ Gi 

2016 Guide: Top 7 Lightweight Gis for Summer

This one is a very close second. It is quite easily the lightest Fuji product I’ve ever had the pleasure to wear. It is the go-to gi for weigh-ins, summer and hot weather training. The jacket is lightweight and features pearl weave construction where the pants are made of ripstop fabric. That means both can withstand the elements, take a beating and keep you cool. Other features here include a bungee cord drawstring, contrast stitching, a stiff collar with additional rows of stitching and is also IBJJF approved. Oh, and I give it my stamp of approval as well.


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3. Fuji Lightweight Gi

To begin with, the name of this gi is the shortest of them on this list which makes it a lightweight right there. You know, fewer letters make the name a little lighter. The reality is that this is quite honestly the second lightest Fuji product I’ve worn. It has a lightweight pearl weave jacket, which includes a rubber collar for moisture removal. The gi has been preshrunk, which keeps it from shrinking any further during washing. Made from 100% cotton, this is a great outfit for warm-weather training and weigh-ins.

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4. War Tribe Men's Poseidon Gi


It’s another of the most comfortable, durable and lightweight products out there. I know, a strange combination of words to fall into a single sentence to describe a gi but they most certainly fit with this item. It comes with a 450gsm pearl weave jacket with premium cotton fabric and 10-ounce cotton ripstop pants that have double reinforced stitching. The sublimated mesh lining gives this gi the lightweight and also permits it to breathe. For an added touch, there is direct embroidery on both the shoulder and pant leg. All I have to add is this gi is well designed and that design ensures you will get a lot of use out of it.

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5. Do or Die Hyperlyte

2016 Guide: Top 7 Lightweight Gis for Summer

I really, really like the name of this product. It sort of makes me think that it is a good branding choice for something like a BJJ Gi. The word “hyperlyte” should tip you off that if you are looking for a lightweight gi, this isn’t it. But if you are looking for an ultra-lightweight gi, then look no further. The jacket features 250gsm pearl weave and an EVA foam collar for comfort, the pants have reinforced knees. To finish the look off, the manufacturer has included updated Do Or Die branding.

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6. Hypnotik Interstellar BJJ Gi

I’m not normally one who puts much faith into gimmicks. That’s just me. However, the fact that this item happens to be a “limited edition” does interest me. The jacket is 550gsm pearl weave with 100% cotton. The 100% cotton pants also have twill material and weigh in at a minor 11 ounces. The gi has been preshrunk three-times which means the fit you get will be the fit you will grow to love. The “limited edition” part includes fully sublimated Interstellar graphics and patches and the gi comes complete with a free, sublimated Interstellar graphic gi bag. 

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7. Hayabusa Lightweight Pro

Hayabusa Lightweight Pro BJJ Gi

The last entry on my list is most certainly not the last gi you will ever find. The fact that it feels so lightweight should bump this one up the list a couple of spots and I may do that the next time I do a review of the lightweight gis. But for now, let me tell you that the jacket here is made with 350gsm pearl weave cotton. The shoulders, armpits and side slit are all reinforced for durability. The pants are 10-ounce ripstop cotton/poly blend which means they are very strong. The gi has been pre-washed which means it has been preshrunk. There are also patches and embroidery on the lapel, chest, arm, back and legs.

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BONUS: Gameness Air Gi


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In conclusion

If you are like me, you look at the warmer months of summer like a good excuse to break out the lightweight BJJ gear. Fortunately, the companies who make these products can completely relate to the need for lightweight, breathable gis in the warmer months. I’ve given you an up-close look at the top seven I would consider being the most lightweight and functional of the gis in today’s marketplace. I hope I’ve helped you to narrow down your choices and made the decision just a little bit easier on you.

What other gi should be on our list? Are there any other lightweight/summer gis that you love? Post them up below!


  1. The lightest gi I own is the Kingz 420 and I really love it. I used to own a jjpg ripstop and got rid of it because it fit like a bag. But the Kingz is cut well to begin with and keeps its shape really well throughout a class, which is not something you can say for too many in the ultralight category.

  2. Our “Carioca” Super light 350 is THE lightest IBJJF legal GI on the market and our follow-up (dropping late spring) the “Bella Copa” will follow that trend. The Tatami Honey Badger at 470gsm, though?


    • Good question, Jef 🙂 We’ve left most gis that are 375gsm or below because they tend to stretch out in training and not last as long. It’s more of a ‘Top Lightweight gis’ post than a ‘Lightest gis possible’ post.

    • What are their jackets made out of, Tommy? Looks intriguing as it says made in the USA, but not sure about the quality. Think they’d like a review done?

  3. How does the Hyperlyte compare weight-wise to other options? I am interested in purchasing a couple, but don’t see a detailed review? Thanks in advance!

  4. My dojo doesn’t allow any visible words or markings on our Gis, other than the dojo patch. What’s a good lightweight option that’s blank white?


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