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Kingz Kimonos Giveaway

We are proud to announce  our newest GiReviews.Net giveaway! Kingz Kimonos has stepped up to give GiReviews.Net readers some free gear. This time around, KINGZ has decided to give 1 lucky MALE winner the Kingz gi of hischoice!

In addition, KINGZ has also decided to give 1 lucky FEMALE winner the Kingz gi of her choice!
Here’s how to win:

1. Join the GiReviews.Net e-mail list. If you do not join you

might miss out on when to post to win!

2. Become a fan of Kingz Kimonos on Facebook

That’s it!  Easy, huh?

Two simple things one guy and one gal to win a FREE Kingz Gi!  We’re very proud to work with Kingz to make a ladies gi available!  As many of our readers are male, please make sure to tell the female BJJ players that you know about this contest!

Now onto the prizes!!

The grand prize winners of this contest will get a Kingz 550 Comp, Kingz Ripstop, or Kingz 420 Light (the women’s gi is only available in the 420 Light version at this time)!

You choose:

 Men (Kingz 550 Comp, Kingz Ripstop, or Kingz 420 Light):

 kingz kimonos
Women (Kingz 420 Light):
 kingz womens gi
 The details:

In roughly 2 weeks, GiReviews will e-mail you instructions on where to post for a chance to become a winner.
Posting may be done on our Facebook page so make sure to ‘Like’ us and keep an eye out for the e-mail!
Winners will be randomly selected via Random.org.
Winners will be announced within 48 hours of the post being made.

The Grand Prize winner will be able to submit a picture of them wearing their brand new Kingz Gi to be featured on GiReviews.net’s Facebook page!

Click here to check out Kingz Kimonos at Fighter’s Market.

Click here to check out Kingz Kimonos on BudoVideos

Good luck to you all!

Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list and ‘Like’ us on Facebook to enter!!

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  • @EWOLmma

    Awesome contest! 🙂 I like the Kingz 420 Light the best. Definitely need a black gi in my wardrobe!

    • I have yet to wear their Light gi in competition, but the 550 is a fantastic training gi!

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