Kingz Ripstop BJJ Gi Reviews

Kingz Ripstop BJJ Gi Reviews

Gi Review: Kingz Ripstop BJJ Gi

Kingz Rip Stop BJJ Gi

The Kingz Rip Stop BJJ Gi is made of cotton rip stop material (just the jacketis, actually).  It's really an amazing gi for hot weather training.  It's very light weight (only slightly heavier than the Kingz 420 Light Gi).  This Kings Gi's cotton ripstop is already preshrunk so it shouldn't shrink more than 5%.

The jacket features the typical Kingz shoulder patches and lapel patch, as well as the seam taping inside the cuff and lapel.  There is also logo taping along the bottom of the skirt.  The rubber lapel is very strong and will not bend when subjected to extreme heat (via washer or dryer).

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Gi Review: Kingz Ripstop BJJ Gi

The Kingz Rip Stop Gi pants are made of 11oz cotton and are very similar to the pants on the Kingz 550 comp model.  They also feature a logo on the hip and again on the pant leg.  There are 6 belt loops and the knees are double reinforced.

Kingz Rip Stop BJJ Gi SIZE CHART
Height — Weight LBS — Size
5'0”-5'4” – 95-120 – A-0
5'4-5'8” – 125-155 – A-1
5'8”-6'0” – 155-185 – A-2
5'11”-6'2”- 190-220 – A-3
6'2”-6'4” – 220-270 – A-4
6'3”-6'7” – 270-310 – A-5

Kingz Rip Stop BJJ Gi WEIGHT:
A0 – 3lbs 4oz
A1 – 3lbs 7oz
A2 – 3lbs 12oz
A3 – 4lbs 3oz
A4 – 4lbs 5oz
A5 – 4lbs 8oz

Gi Review: Kingz Ripstop BJJ Gi

Gi Review: Kingz Ripstop BJJ Gi

About Kingz BJJ Gi

Kingz is a subsidiary company under the umbrella of Fighter's Market.  Every Kingz BJJ Gi is incredibly high quality and they have released a number of different models right out of the gate (550 comp, 420 light, ripstop, etc.).  They are very easy to contact in their Facebook group or via e-mail or telephone.  I have personally spoken with Bruno from Kingz on a number of occasions and his customer service is top notch.

With a lot of “new” gi companies, people are skeptical as to their quality, but as you may notice from other reviews around the web, including my Kingz 550 Comp review, this is not the case with a Kingz BJJ Gi.  They are excellent quality and in the mid-level price range for BJJ Gis ($130-150).

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