Kauai Kimonos Ripstop Gi Reviews

Kauai Kimonos Ripstop Gi Reviews

Kauai Kimonos Review

Kauai Kimonos has a lot of features that I really like.  I'll have pictures of my personal Kauai gi up very soon. Until then, awesome pictures from Tim Sledd and Christian Graugart(BJJ Globetrotter) will have to suffice. Features include:

The main feature is the 100% cotton ripstop jacket.  I have never seen or felt a gi like this before, but imagine an entire jacket made out of the same material as the Atama Mundial 7 and 9 pants.  It's a really cool concept.  If you train in a hot weather environment, this is THE gi for you.

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Also, I love the embroidery on the shoulders.  Definitely sets them apart from most companies who just use patches on the shoulders.  Also there is really cool taping along the sides of the pants, skirt, and inside the sleeves and pant legs.  Very cool, 100% Hawaiian feel.

Also, their co-founders, Jonathan and Dustin, are pretty cool guys.  I've spoken with Jonathan a number of times, so if you're active on Facebook, you can get ahold of him really fast that way and he's always answered every single question that I've ever had about their gis.  Great customer service.

kauai kimonos gi factory

Last, if you have a personal gripe with the sweatshop idea of BJJ Gi making, then you might want to look into Kauai.  Being import/export conscious, the Kauai guys set up their own factory in Bali, Indonesia.  They currently have 9 seamstresses making 100% hand made BJJ gis.  You can learn more about the idea behind their brand here.

kauai kimonos gi review

For more details about the Kauai Kimonos Ripstop Gi, including how to purchase it, click here.

For more information on the entire range of gis from Kauai Kimonos, click here.

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Contributor Images:

kauai kimonos gi in action

kauai kimonos ripstop review

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  1. via Anthony

    The A4 fits me perfectly. I was wondering if I was going to have to tailor it down a bit because the ripstops don’t really shrink, but its a great fit. Everything feels so light, yet the material still feels tough and strong. I like the designs and that hawaiian touch, yet there is still more than enough room for other patches.

  2. via Tim Sledd

    So for the past two weeks I have been wearing the 2010 Kauai Kimono brand 100% Ripstop Gi. Here are my thoughts:

    When I first got it I was amazed at how light it was! I had my seamstress (also my secretary at work) look over the stitching and she said it was very well made with great stitching. She has worked on many of my existing gi’s and she said this looked great in comparison.

    The first time I wore the uniform was a whole new adventure… it felt different, reacted differently, and I was almost chilled in it as it wicked away the sweat so fast.

    The big question mark for me was if it would be durable enough. Each time I have trainined in it, I have encouraged my training partners to be as brutal to the uniform as they can be. I have yet to hear the fabric stretch and there is no sign of the punishment it has received.

    This gi was made for me since I TRAVEL TO TRAIN, and I often teach and train in HOT WEATHER ENVIRONMENTS.

    Check out the gi in the videos located here:

    I must admit I was/am skeptical as to how this light of a gi can last compared to the traditional weaves, but let me tell you, so far so good!

    I leave for Jamaica shortly and I cannot wait to carry a lighter bag because of this uniform.

    Check out http://www.kauaikimonos.com for all their gear, but pick up the 100% ripstop gi if you are in a hot area or if you need a light gi to travel with you.

    Happy Grappling,


  3. via Foblander

    The Kauai Ripstop gi is probably my favorite gi. The construction is second to none, probably the best out of the gi’s that I own (Shoyoroll, Fushida, Fuji). I love how light and soft the ripstop fabric feels I could just wear it all day and fall asleep in it. The material is really strong and does not stretch. This company does a superb job of showing how to use the ripstop fabric to the bjj practitioner’s advantage. Another feature that surprised me is how perfect the stitching is. No loose threads while being perfectly straight. Those Bali women really know what they are doing and you can really tell how much attention they pay to their work.
    When it comes to rolling I love wearing this gi because I feel so light and nimble like I am not wearing anything. I particularly enjoy how I am able to fully articulate my body movements without any restrictions that a regular cotton gi might impose on me. The gi is a delight to travel with due to it’s compact size and the drying process is ultra fast! I’m tall and lanky (5’11” 145lbs) so I ordered an A2. The fit looks pretty good. The pants are perfect and the jacket is also perfect in length. The body cavity is a little wider than what I am use to but since it’s such a thin material it doesn’t inhibit me in any way. All in all it is an amazing gi for a person who understands how to appreciate the advantages of using a gi of this sort. I like it so much I bought my gf one as well in A1. (The A1 actually fit me pretty well, more tailored but length was a tad short on pants and sleeves. A2 pants with an A1 top (with extended sleeves) would be perfection for me.)

  4. Where would I start about these super stylish Hawaiian kimonos?..
    I have been wearing Kauai Kimonos for a couple years now, and it is the perfect product for me. I live here on Oahu, Hawaii and train few times daily. Half of those training sessions being outdoors in the beautiful Hawaiian weather! My Kauai Kimonos are the ones I grab!..we thought we could rip them!..haha..no can brah!.. And we have plenty “BIG BRUDDAHS” trying to…and wearing them!
    I was brought into the KK family a while back, and I must say I am so stoked on the production and the people behind the scenes..have met them all first hand, shared meals with the Balinese girls, and even taught a few submissions to their keiki(children)..If you are traveling with your gi?..hands down, no-brainer..ORDER YOURS NOW!..come to Hawaii!.. If you show up wearing a Kauai Kimono to my Monday class at Gracie Kailua, you get 33% off of your drop-in fee!..osssssss!

    • So awesome to have you check out our site! Thanks so much Jason! I may have to take you up on that offer. Also, sick video on YouTube about how to do the rolling back take. I watched it at least twenty times.

  5. I pulled the trigger on a pair of these. I ordered a white and blue A2. Everything I heard about these is absolutely true. They are so light weight it is insane. I too felt like I was in pajamas. The fit was amazing on my 5’10″frame. The collar is thin but to be expected on such a lightweight gi. This is for training so I have no complaints there. These will undoubtedly be my go to set.

    The only thing I hope they update for future batches is the front of the jacket. On one of the pics above we can see a two stripe blue belt where the jacket lays perfectly in front. Mine angles and does not sit evenly, this is the only gi to do this of the eight I have acquired thus far. I read another review where someone said the same thing. Mine does not sit nearly as awkwardly as theirs did in the pic they provided but the improvement would be appreciated.

    Overall my new favorite gi! The feel is different and it is super thin so it’s not for everyone. This guy definitely gives it two thumbs up though.

  6. I have had one of these gis for 6 months and really can attest to the quality, durability, and practicality of a training uniform that dries in a couple of hours.

  7. All I can say is Kauai Kimonos is fair by the best gi I ever own. As local boy born and rasie on the island of Kauai it self yes I rep this gi. When I frist heard about this gi I bought me a size A2 blue and that was back 2011 the gi is been worn 2 times a day when I train still no fade of color and still fits me good. And since I train 2 times a day this gi drys really fast. Not gonna lie about it if you dont belive me than get one and try it your self. Bradda Jonathan take care my order all the time when anything from Kauai kimonos. So bradda Jonathanand Dustin keep up the good work and much Malohos to Kauai Kimonos company OSSS!

    • Thanks a lot for the comment Jordan! I’ve spoken with Jonathan a lot in the past. This reminded me to email him again and make sure we get their gis on the site =o)

  8. Aloha… Born and raised in the 808 state, I always rep da aina… So naturally, when my son started training BJJ in ’08, I was searching for gi’s for him that had the Hawaiian flair to it… Well, not only did I come across a Hawaiian themed gi but a truly revolutionary gi at that. Kauai Kimonos created a God send to anyone that trains in a humid/hot weather/no AC type environment… or simply if you just don’t like the feel of a traditional 3lbs cotton jacket, 4 lbs with sweat, constricting you as you roll. He’s had other name brand gi’s such as Keiko Raca, OTM, & Fuji but his gi of choice is hands down the KK… Since the first day his Blue KK arrived, he’s become “one with the gi”… He uses his White KK for tournaments (YES, technically by IBJJF rules, article 8, they CAN be legal for competition “The gi must be constructed of cotton or similar material and be in good condition. The material may not be excessively thick or hard to the point where it will obstruct the opponent.”) He hasn’t worn his Black KK yet, as it isn’t patched up yet but trust me, it looks pretty NINJA. My son says he feels more mobile, less restricted and more comfortable in his Kauai Kimono than ANY of his other gi’s… and I believe him. Also from another angle, I’ve washed his blue KK countless times and the color has NOT faded. AT ALL. Impressive, to say the least… and they air dry literally in about 30 minutes out of the wash, 15 minutes in hot weather. Obviously they pack well because they weigh next to nothing and as far as durability goes, they hold up just as strong as any other gi you’ve ever used, without all the bulk. So, in searching for the perfect Hawaiian style gi, I guess you can say I lucked out! Because all the high quality hand made stitching, embroidery, taping, Hawaiian flag imprinted Kauai and cool “Choke ’em Out” slogans were just a bonus to such a revolutionary product. I just recently met and spent an entire day with co-owner, Jonathan and I must say, Kauai Kimonos is by far the most respectable grass roots business, let alone, BJJ gi company I have ever come across. They forever have my support. Mahalos for reading my $.02 on such an awesome, high quality gi and Mahalos to Kauai Kimonos for revolutionizing the game… Aloha.


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