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Isami Kimono Gi Review

Isami Kimono Gi Review

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 Isami Kimono Gi Review

The Isami Kimono gi is pretty pricey, but by all accounts, you get what you pay for.

Unlike most gis that are made is Brazil, Pakistan, Egypt, or wherever, the Isami’s are the pinnacle of Japanese gis.  Isami kimonos are shipped directly from Japan.

It’s got a good amount of mobility and feels different than most other gis you’ve probably worn.

All of the gis have a cool taping on the inside as well.  And very unique patches.  Most of the time the Isami kimono is sent to you without the patches attached, but that may have changed recently.

 There are a few really good guides to sizing for Japanese gis out there, including through the links below, so make sure to check them out before you purchase an Isami Kimono.


By most accounts, the gi is a bit of a wider cut compared to most gis of the same cut.  But, the benefit is, of course, that movement isn’t restricted.


One of the strangest thing is the single loop for the pants


The pants will hold up for quite a while.  As will the jacket.  This may  be due to using  aheavier fabric, but also because I was it inside out.


Definitely one of the coolest Japanese gis available in the US.  Be careful if you’re looking to get it shipped to Europe.  We’ve heard a few horror stories about shipping costs.


For more details about the Isami Double Weave Kimono, click here. (affiliate link)

For more details about other Isami Kimonos, click here. (affiliate link)

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