Inverted Gear Blue Panda Gi Review

Inverted Gear Blue Panda Gi Review


Awesome, Awesome and more Awesome.

First off, it’s got a CUTE ******* Panda on the sleeves. If you don’t like Panda’s on your sleeves then this Gi isn’t for you, but I think it looks dope.  They use a great drawstring system and have beautiful seam taping to boot. I would absolutely recommend this Gi and the company who produces it to anyone. It's got clean styling and quality craftsmanship. It comes with a large Gi bag that is especially nice. Looks wise, and this may sound ridiculous, but it doesn’t look ridiculous.

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From their site

  • 550 gram Pearl Weave Light Weight jacket.
  • 12 oz Rip stop pants, with pearl weave crotch.
  • Elastic rope with 6 loop system.
  • Mouth piece/ID pocket on pants.
  • Custom ribbon jacket edge and inside pant and sleeve loop.
  • Custom embroidered logos.


Gi Review: Inverted Gear Blue Panda

A: 6.5

B: 31

C: 21







As you can see, the Gi has PANDAS on the sleeves. It’s finely done embroidery and is just the right size to not look ridiculous, because honestly, a huge huge panda on the sleeve just might be over the top. MAYBE.

Gi Review: Inverted Gear Blue Panda

At size A3S the top actually fit me perfectly after one wash/dryer shrink session.

It’s got beautiful seam tape inside the skirt of the jacket as well as the cuffs. The seam tape has a Panda rolling around in some Bamboo leaves.

Gi Review: Inverted Gear Blue Panda

Every time you wear this Gi it’s like walking into a party with all of the liquor in tow. People will flock to you. It’s extremely catchy, yet extremely simple in design. The Gi top itself is a pearl weave that’s in the mid-range of thickness/weight. It’s a tailored fit so the sleeves aren’t overly baggy and the body of the gi hugs nicely.

Gi Review: Inverted Gear Blue Panda


Ripstop pants that carry the same Panda/Bamboo seam tape at the bottom of the pants on the inside.

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The pants also have a very nice belt loop system. Having that larger belt loop at the sides should be LAW in the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world or at least industry standard.

Gi Review: Inverted Gear Blue Panda

The pants didn’t restrict my movement or hinder my performance in anyway, although at size A3S they were definitely too long for me (and I actually got them hemmed to be able to give a fair analysis).

I do wish the pants had been a bit slimmer in the legs. If there’s any gripe I have about the Gi it would have to be that, because I don’t have any others. But I honestly chalk that up to me just wearing the wrong size.

Gi Review: Inverted Gear Blue Panda

Also, there's a pocket inside the pant for jamming to your iPod or keeping your mouthpiece in during tournaments, a nice little add on indeed!

Gi Review: Inverted Gear Blue Panda

This Gi bag is upside down and you didn't even know.

Gi Review: Inverted Gear Blue Panda

Note: I know it's Photography 101 but damn does natural light look soooo much better than artificial in the above photos!


You can visit their site and get a Inverted Gear Blue Panda 3.0 Gi for yourself.

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  1. I love what the brand is doing but the measurements are a little off for me. The sleeves are a bit too long and roomier than I’d like. Otherwise, it s a really cool kimono.


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