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GiReviews Podcast 005: William Wayland | Powering Through | BJJ Strength and Conditioning


In this fifth installment of the GiReviews podcast, we have a chat with William Wayland of Powering Through.  Most of you likely know him as a Strength and Conditioning coach that I have written about before in the past.  William puts out so much great information for free that I really couldn’t resist having him on the podcast.

In this session, William and I chat about:

  • At what point should grapplers consider doing more than just going to classes
  • The statement “To get better at BJJ, all you need to do is more BJJ’
  • The biggest mistakes people make when doing Strength and Conditioningwilliam-wayland-powering-through-1
  • ‘Functional fitness’ nearly hijacking grappling s&c
  • Fuckaboutitis
  • His advice for rehabbing grappling injuries
  • The most important exercises for any grappling s&c program
  • Diet and supplements for bjj and s&c



Items mentioned in this podcast include:

How to Train with William Wayland

Exercise Variations for Grapplers

Core Training for Grapplers

How BJJ was nearly hijacked by functional fitness

2 day strength plan for BJJ

Olympic Lifts for BJJ

Dan John, Martin Rooney, and Jim Wendler




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