GiReviews Podcast 002 – An Interview with the Real Scrambleman – Scramble’s Matt Benyon


An Interview with the Real Scrambleman - Scramble's Matt BenyonIn this session of the GiReviews podcast, we get into the story of Matt Benyon, one of the owners of Scramble.  Scramble is known for its quirky, bold, and clean designs and after you listen to the interview, I am sure you'll see where they come from.  Thanks again to Matt for being on the show!

In this session, Matt and I chat about:

His experience living and training in Japan for 4 years

What exactly “Martial Farts” is

Where Scramble came from

Why I'm not man enough to go “full spats

Why Matt loves working with other brands

Why grappling spats are so addictive

How he stays focused and productive

His advice for people looking to live a fun and productive life

Plus a lot more…

Items mentioned in this podcast include:

An Interview with the Real Scrambleman - Scramble's Matt BenyonGiReviews woven gi patches

Martial Farts

Matt's Grappling Dummy videos

Remembering Grace – an amazing Sakuraba video

Darren Uyenoyama's videos about living and training in Japan

Scramble's Fashionable Pantaloons for Fighting Men poster

Condescending Corporate Brand Page


Scramble‘s Facebook page and Twitter account

Please take note: The way that I recorded this first podcast will be improved upon in future episodes.  Future podcast episodes will be much, MUCH better and we'll definitely have Matt on again!  Thanks for your patience!

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  1. Another great episode, Brendan!

    I just got my Scramble spats in (from the BJJHQ deal) and will go “fully spatted” tonight. The only problem is convincing myself that I’m NOT the Tōbikan Jūdan, just because I’m wearing them!

    I think Scramble should be required to have warning labels on their spats… Just sayin’…



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