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Gameness Feather Gi Review

Gameness Feather Gi Reviews

**Contributor Reviews are located in the comments section at the bottom**

 gameness feather

Gameness Feather

 The Gameness Feather comes with a 475 gram cotton, which is a fair bit lighter than a lot of training gis.  I wouldn’t recommend this go for everyday training because it’s likely to rip (due to its light weight).

It’s the replacement for the Gameness Pearl gi and has become a really popular alternative to the old Pearl weave gi (the Gameness Feather is also Pearl Weave).  The pants that come with the gi are ripstop, as is the collar.  And the gi has shoulder and lapel patches.  I really like they offer up to size A6 for the really huuuuuge guys.


  • Gameness Single Weave, Pearl, Feather, Platinum and Elite Gis
    Size A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 A6
    Height 5’1″ – 5’6″
    (155cm – 167.75cm)
    5’6″ – 5’9″
    (167.75cm – 175.25cm)
    5’9″ – 6’0″
    (175.25cm – 183cm)
    6’0″ – 6’3″
    (183cm – 190.5cm)
    6’3″ – 6’6″
    (190.5cm – 198cm)
    6’6″ +
    (198cm +)
    Weight 105lbs – 135lbs
    (47.75kg – 61.25kg)
    130lbs – 165lbs
    (59kg – 74.75kg)
    160lbs – 200lbs
    (72.5kg – 90.75kg)
    190lbs – 245lbs
    (86.25kg – 111.25kg)
    240lbs – 270lbs
    (108.75kg – 122.5kg)
    265lbs – 300lbs
    (120.25kg – 136kg)

Places to purchase (Be sure to compare prices!)

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Gameness Feather Gi Review Images:

IMG_1169 IMG_1175 IMG_1176


About the Author Brendan

Brendan is the Founder and mastermind behind He is currently a Purple belt training in both gi and no gi. By day he is a elementary school teacher, by night, a jedi gi reviewer!

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Brendan says September 2, 2011

via Steve

Depending upon who you ask, the “best” gi at any given time will be something that fits them well, incorporates what are considered the latest features and has a good balance between cost and quality (in other words, if it’s inexpensive, some cost cutting in the design/construction is expected and forgiven).
I’ve tried a ton of other BJJ kimonos, but my favorites over the years remains the Gameness Pearl. I own two. I picked up the first one shortly after I started training in BJJ, so I’ve had it for about 3 years now, I’d guess. The second one is a couple of years old. The only noticeable wear on the older one is some fraying beginning to show on the lapels. Otherwise, both still look great, fit great and have worn very well as a part of my regular rotation.
My wishlist of the top three “light” gis I’d like to buy was narrowed down to theGameness Feather (the new version of the Pearl), the Vulkan PRO light gi, and the Bad Boy Pro Series Lightweight Gi. I’ve seen all three gis in person and they all seem really nice, so it came down to price and brand loyalty for me. The Gameness Feather is significantly less expensive than either of the other two choices.
I’m 5’10” and about 185 lbs. I’d say I have an average build. I have shorter legs for my height, but nothing too crazy. I purchased an A3, which according to the Gameness sizing chart will fit guys between 5’10” and 6’ tall, and 167 to 200 lbs. Quite a range.

The Gameness Feather out of the bag was big for me. I don’t remember honestly whether the Pearl shrunk at all when I first got it, so I was a little nervous. Around the waist and in the shoulders, it was too big. The sleeves were 2 to 3 inches too long and the pants were a good 2 inches long, as well. After washing in hot water and machine drying, It shrunk up to just where I want it. It fits perfectly now.
The gi top was soft out of the bag, but the pants were really stiff. The ripstop fabric is super light, but it was like a starched shirt. The top is a tight weave fabric that looks to me like the pearl weave I’m familiar with. After the initial wash, the pants didn’t let up at all, and if anything, got stiffer, while the top softened up even more.
Quick tip for anyone thinking about dying a gi, you should plan to wash them and dry them completely to shrink them up. If the gi you’re thinking about dying has been line dried and you’re worried about shrinking it up, you might not want to dye that gi. Chances are, like my A2 Shoyoroll, you’ll dye it and end up having to sell or give it away because it shrank too much.
Anyway, back to the Feather, the dying process is rough on fabric and the gis come out of it like cardboard, but washing it with the Milsoft fabric softener brought it right back. Subsequent hot washings doesn’t seem to have shrunk it much more, if at all.

Brendan says September 2, 2011

via Contributor

really nice gi for the price, i use it as my comp gi and i have a pearl as my training gi. I will always use gameness gi’s when its time to buy another one..

Brendan says September 2, 2011

via Contributor

Just purchased this Gi – arrived in record time to Australia (4 days) so extremely happy with the service from Budovideos.

I weigh 78 kilos and the a2 gi fit nicely straight out of the box. Although it is a lighter gi it feels very strong and durable so no problems there. My only slight criticism is that the pants feel a bit stiff and felt like wet light denim when rolling. Not a big concern though and I would have no problem buying another Gameness Feather gi again.

Brendan says September 2, 2011

via Contributor

This is my all time favorite gi and Ive owned over 30 so far. Its made very well, I can see it lasting for years!!

Jiu Jitsu Maniac says March 6, 2012

Sounds good. Would you recommend this gi for competitions where you need to weigh in with gi on?

    Brendan says March 8, 2012

    Yeah, I would recommend it for those competitions for sure, but definitely not for regular training. For IBJJF competitions and other places where you weigh in with the kimono on, I would suggest this, the Tatami Zero G, Subculture Red Dawn, or another lightweight gi.

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