First thoughts: The Ring by Shoyoroll

First thoughts: The Ring by Shoyoroll

The Ring by Shoyoroll


One for me and one for our contest winner!

First Thoughts

Right out of the bag, I liked this gi.  I really like the quote printed inside as well.  Very cool variations in the seam taping that give it a nice aesthetic.

On my gi, the stitching is done very well, with no dropped stitches or crooked lines.


So with construction being great overall, I tried it on.  The Ring fits just like my other Shoyoroll A3 gis, but if you've never owned one before, let me mention that they are massive compared to my other A3s.  Here's some measurements (numbers in parenthesis compare it to the Submission FC Light gi):

gireviews size chart

A – 7″ (6.75)

B – 32.5 (30.25)

D – 27.25 (24.25)

E – 24 (23.25)

F – 12.75 (12)

G – 9 (9.75)

H – 40.5 (40)

 The differences in sizing really stands out in the jacket.  The ring has a wider sleeve, 2″ longer sleeves and a much wider midsection.  This isn't a big deal, just that the gi jacket is cut much larger.  This also isn't an error in construction, it's just how SYR gis fit.

As you can see, the pants of the Submission FC Light are a fair bit wider at the ankle, but more tapered in the thigh.  Also, the pants are about a half inch shorter.

If we compare it to the Submission FC Light gi (which fits me very well right out of the bag), you can see that Shoyoroll gis are cut larger than other gis.  This doesn't make them good or bad, but it will definitely help you in finding the right size.  At 6'1 and 205lbs., I am going to shrink down this gi and look into picking up an A2 or A2L in the Rio Koi. Definitely keep this in mind when ordering yours!


  1. I am 6 foot tall and vary between 200-220 pounds “currently 215 Lbs” and A2 fits like a glove. I have a batch 3 A3 that I wasn’t completely satisfied with the fit. The main problem was the length of the pants “way too long.” The jacket was acceptable but I prefer a closer fit as oppose to long and baggy Gi’s . I don’t like giving my opponents easy handles to grab a hold of. Since then I have been buying Shoyoroll A2’s and have been very happy with the tailor like fit. I have an A2L Count “I don’t remember choosing A2L but I got it any way.” It seems to be about the same length of the A2 but the pants and the jacket are wider. I prefer a regular A2 to the A2L. No shrinking required, cold water wash, and hang drying of my A2’s keeps it nice and wearable.

      • As I stated before I hate baggy Gi’s and I think you will love the tailor like fit of the A2 if your body type is anything like mine…. So far A2 works for Lucky Bamboo Gi “my favorite most comfortable Gi I own” and of course SYR…. I ordered pre ordered the Gawakoto Gi in A2, I think and hope it will be fine. I have an A2 Koral MKM “but it is really small, A3 is better in the MKM. I already ordered the Ring and the Koi…. Pretty excited about those and the Comp lite that I am still waiting for. I wish I would have ordered more Lucky Bamboos in A2! Glad I can Help B

    • Justin, I tried on an A2 Compadre yesterday and the sleeves and pants were a bit short, but it was also because the guy who owned it has washed and dried it on hot every wash since he got it. I think the A2 might fit guys like us a bit better. I think at 185, An a3 is going to be a tad long and WAY too wide.

      • I made the same mistake , 6’1 180 .. A3 was enormous on the chest area but perfect length in arms. so im sad too say that i might sell it . Hope to have better luck with the lew , now that i know.

          • Same story here, guys. Was really hoping that they’d offer a A2L(or a true a3s) for our size…the A3 Mamba I have is perfect length but huge in the chest and legs. I’ve ordered the A3S and they are too long, so I’ve had the sleeves and legs shortened. A2 is great out of the bag, but I know it will shrink over time, even without drying. Brendan, please spread the word to the guys at SYR!

          • Casper, I totally hear you. Did you see my preview pics of the Koi in an A2? I don’t think mine is going to shrink that much unless I leave it out in the sun or dry it so I’m really happy with that!

  2. Thats one reason I love the Shoyoroll gi’s. I’m 6’1″, 165lbs and most gi’s I have to get an A3 and it’s a crap shoot if they will fit. My first shoyoroll was an A3s and they fit through the mid section but too long with the arms and luckily a guy in the gym ordered an A2 and it was huge on him and fit me perfect. No more guess work for me, a perfect fit. I now have the uniblue and the 1751 and will have the Rio Koy (and I’ll guarantee I get one of those 😉 ) to start my shoyoroll collection.

  3. Brendan, I didnt notice an A2L but the A2H that must get much wider and they have an A3S that looks like it might be better for us taller slimmer folk. What do you think? Might be a bit long for me at 6’1″ but should be able to fix that with a wash huh?

  4. I got A2 The Ring and this is my first Shoyoroll

    love the top but i find the pants are little but too tight and when they fall down in my rolls the crotch room is tight and I’m sacred it might rip or tear
    pants are tight and snug and almost too tight

    i’m kind of scared to wash them as i don’t want the pants to shrink anymore

    5 11 190 pounds

  5. Funny, I believe the Ring in A2 to be cut slightly slimmer than my other Shoyorolls (The Yank, The Count and the Compadre; sold it though, hate Goldweave). It feels tighter in the chest, armpits and shoulders but not super fitted like the Origin Comp 550 2011. I am 5’8″ and a fat slob right now (190-195) and the A2 Ring jacket is just slightly long in the sleeves and the pants by an inch for me. But, it could just be the gi I got. I will not be able to roll in any of my new gis until I get to Hawaii and settle on a school. Keep up the good work.

    • I recommend Gracie Technics in Honolulu if its convenient. Ive been there over a year and love it. I had planned to check out two other schools but didnt even bother after my first class at GT. Great instruction and really cool people.

  6. Seems a bit strange they don’t have an A2L in their sizing chart. Anyway, I posted to say it would be great if you can use that gi measurements picture and the corresponding measurements for all reviews from now on. It’s much more informative that trying to work out what ‘loose fit’ or ‘baggy’ or ‘tapered sleeves’ means when it is simply numbers instead. I just measured my A4 Fuji for comparisons, and that Shoyoroll A3 is larger in nearly all measurements.

    • Thanks for the comment, Mark. I think that as you observed, the A2 is going to fit like an A2L in other gi brands. On every one of my reviews that I post, I’ll include it for sure. And if we have guest reviewers, I’ll ask them to do it as well. That way it’ll be easy to compare gis side by side.

  7. I bought “the Ring” Gi from Budovideos. It does not have the quote from the lord of the rings on the inside of the jacket. I expect that it is real since it came from Budovideos, just kinda wondering what happened.

  8. Im 5’7″ 175lbs and wear a A2 in every gi I have owned, Raca, Koral, Ronin, and Vulkan, and GB. Is ordering an A2 in Rio Koi going to be a probelm? Please help!

  9. The gi is nice, seems I bit bigger then others I’ve ordered in the past. Quality control is slipping. Some of the stitching is off and a patch was put on upside down. Kind of what we saw on the gi bag of the Count. The more I order, the less impressed I am. Think I’m going to give Competidor Brand a shot. Their stuff looks real nice. Feeling like GUMA was not the best move. When are you going to review Competidor?

  10. Ok so I am sorry I didn’t come across this review sooner but oh well. Today I ordered the Rio Koi in an A3. I am 6′ 1″ 213 lbs and I was wondering if the shrink factor will help me enough that I can keep this Kimono? If so what do you suggest I do to get the best fit possible, if not what would be the best suggestion in returning it or finding a possible A2 for trade?

    • Glad you found the site Mike! Sorry it wasn’t able to help you on this order. My main issue is that I was able to shrink the Ring to my body, but not my arms. I don’t have short t-rex arms or anything, but the sleeves are still very long on me. I’d say try to shrink it, and if you can’t, sell it =o)

  11. Have you ever tried the A3s? I am 6’1 with wide shoulders so the a3 fits me fine there but its a little big every where else..I have been ordering the a3 and shrinking it down.

  12. my shoyoroll ring came up with an upside down label on the pants! quality control dept: “houston we have a problem” besides that and the fact of the “repsect” incident in the batch 11 bag, I think “the ring” is smaller than “the count”…i have both in a3 and the ring is definitely smaller…i am 5″11 and 198lbs.

    • I also have photos of the lapel patch upside on one ring and the inside printing missing out of the other.

      Wow, Carlos! I’m 6’1″ and 200 and I have to get an A2 in SYR.

        • that happens more than you’d think. if it doesn’t fit, you can send them an email and get your money back, plus ask for a discount on the new ones that are coming out.

          or just try to ebay it.


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