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DOM DMX V Gi Review

DOM DMX V Gi Review

DOM DMX V Gi Review


This gi is gorgeous and DOM has great customer service, just make sure you order the correct size.


DOM is a BJJ gi company from Texas that most people know as the sponsor of Caio Terra. They’ve been featured in Caio’s Modern Jiu Jitsu DVD set recently as well. This is the first Dom gi that I have ever had the chance to wear.

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The jacket is very finely made, but the Dom website reminds people that the jacket is about a half size larger than most other gi jackets. This is really important to know when ordering because even if you are at the top of a gi size, you may want to consider ordering a size down unless you like a larger gi top.

For me, this jacket is just a bit too large to the point that I don’t enjoy wearing it as much as I should. Some people like a lot of room in their gi jacket and others prefer them more fitted. I prefer them to be more fitted (like my CTRL and Tatami Terere), but I have a lot of training partners who hate tight gi tops.

I measured and the bottom of the skirt is about 5” wider than my Terere gi. I spoke with the company and they replied that their skirt is going to be reduced in width on future batches of the DMX V so this shouldn’t be an issue.

The pants fit very well right from the beginning. They aren’t as fitted as my CTRL Industries Rook, but are definitely one of the more fitted pants that I own. I never felt any problems with mobility when wearing them, but I didn’t find any problems breaking my partners’ grips on them either.



The design of the gi is actually pretty nice. Dom went with embroidery as opposed to patches and it came out really really well.

The jacket is very clean and bold which is exactly what I look for in a gi.

The pictures really tell it all, but the white contrast stitching also looks fantastic on the jacket and the pants.



The lapel on the 450gsm pearl weave jacket is very thick and showed absolutely no signs of wear and tear despite a lot of repeated wear and hard rolling / drilling.

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As noted before the pants fit very well. Although it didn’t affect the quality of the gi, I did lose  stitches while training with it. This wasn’t a big deal due to multiple levels of stitching, but it was very clear to see due to the white contrast stitching.


After the fifth wash or so, my drawstring shredded/exploded in the wash.

I immediately emailed Dom about the drawstring and actually had an email waiting for me that they had already addressed it. They noted that their manufacturer had already changed the drawstring to a new type and they are addressing the dropped threads on the pants.

Rolling Performance

I enjoyed rolling in the gi, but as I mentioned above the jacket really got in the way sometimes. As a person who prefers a much more fitted gi top, I probably should have ordered an A2 (as it’s likely an A2.5 with the half size).

This caused my partners to easily untuck my gi top and when I went inverted, I had issues with the lapel scratching me in my eyes.

Wife Approval

“I like the embroidery.  It looks nice, I guess. Don't you already have a lot of black gis?”


My dog bashing me in the face during our first attempt at the opening photo

Overall, all of the issues with the DOM DMX V are arbitrary and/or aesthetic. If you prefer a wider gi top and a clean and bold design, this is definitely the gi for you.

Rocky from DOM showed solid customer service in addressing my questions and replacing my drawstring.

Right now, the DMX V is selling for $144 which puts it in the mid-range as far as gis go. I would compare it most closely to the Black Eagle Predator which sells for roughly the same price and also has stunning embroidery.

To purchase, click here.

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  1. I was wondering whats your build. Looking into one of these gis. I’m 6 foot, 168 lbs. I prefer the tighter fit, like my syr, but was wondering if I should go with A2 since I’m the bottom of an A3. Any suggestions?

  2. Hey thanks a lot! I kind of figured that would be the case. I decided to order the rook from ctrl. Been looking at them for a while now. Sadly my keiko raca didn’t fit me too well. I had a limited blue A3 that was awful, but their gold weave my instructor has fit me well. I’ll write up a review of my rook once I get it.


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