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Fabrique Pour Grapplers (FPG) Collection Review

We’ve done a few reviews of awesome stuff that the guys at Fabrique Pour Grapplers (FPG) have released in the past.

In fact, I even did an interview with them a while back that was really awesome.

Then, we checked out their first collection, as well as their second release.

This release is no different.  The t-shirts are incredibly soft with an awesome fit for any BJJ athlete.


The attention to detail is incredible and more of what I would expect buying a tshirt from my favorite brand, The Hundreds, than from a BJJ brand.

Check out the photos below as well as some info about our next FPG review!

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Scramble Relax-a-tron Jogger Review

scramble relaxatron jogger pantSummary

Simply the nicest pair of jogging pants I have ever owned.  Not only do they increase my relax mana by 72%, but I’m so relaxed, I actually fell asleep three times writing this review.

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Do or Die’s Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag

Do or Die’s Hyperfly Pro Gear Bag review!

DoorDie 023

Gear bags are more of a luxury than a necessity, but they are something I love having, and once you’ve had a good one, you just can’t go without. Knowing I have my tape, nail clippers, deodorant,  etc etc in one location is a nicety. I pack up my things neatly and go and I’m not carrying nasty, dripping with sweat, Gis in my hands or laying it on my nice clean car seats on the ride home.

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ROLL Jiu Jitsu Interview

 About Roll Jiu Jitsu

Roll Jiu Jitsu is a BJJ apparel brand out of Ireland. They contacted us about doing a review and we are super glad we got our hands on their stuff. Since I recently moved to Wisconsin the delivery of sweatshirts in their care package was extremely welcome.

We got Two sweatshirts, a t-shirt, some stickers and a patch, seen below.


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Scramble Beat Em Up Rashguard Review

scramble beat em up rashguard gi review

Scramble Beat em Up Rashguard Guest Review

by Annie White

I am pretty much on the same page with Brendan when it comes to Scramble. “Shut up and take my money!” or  “Must buy ALL the things!” Alas, my bank account can’t handle that so I have to pick and choose what I am going to get.  When I saw the preview for the Beat em up rashguard, I wanted it. When it was released I promptly ordered it from Scramble USA’s site.

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Go Full Spats – Scramble Urban Camo Spats Review

scramble urban camo spats 2

Go Full Spats!!

A while back, I picked up the Urban Camo spats from Scramble.  I absolutely love them and they definitely beat out the Poss spats and my Under Armour tights that I used previously.

Please note that all of the photos here come from my Instagram account.  That’s one of the first places I post photos of anything I’m working on so definitely check it out!

But Brendan, I don’t have enough swagger to go ‘full spats’

Don’t worry. Neither do I.

I just go for it.

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Get the Funk Out: Fight Soap Gear Spray Review

fight-soap-reaperIt can happen when you least expect it, your favorite Gi, rash guard, shorts, etc, despite washing it regularly, there is still a lingering smell. IT WON’T COME OUT. The smell mocks you; this image may come to mind

  If you are tired of this guy mocking you then might I suggest using a fabric spray IN ADDTION to NOT IN SUBSTIUTION OF (repeat that last part over and over) regular washings. What I use is Fight Soap’s Gear Spray.  It retails for $12.99 for an eight-ounce bottle.

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Break Point Rashguard Review

I’ve never liked short sleeve rashguards. I always preferred long sleeve versions because I felt that it gave me better control. Eventually I started to notice that certain training partners were getting really good at wrist control and I had a really hard time breaking it because of the sleeves (and because I may, or may not, suck at grip fighting). So I started wearing t-shirts instead. Until I tried the Break Point short sleeve rashguard.

Break Point Rashguard Review


break point rashguard

I find myself opting for my Break point rashguard not only because it has short sleeves, but because it doesn’t move in training, looks fantastic, and has held up incredibly during training. Break point makes rashguards in almost every color, but mine is in black (why would you want any other color?).


The Look

This Break Point rashguard looks amazing. The sublimation is some of the best that I have ever seen. The depth of colors makes it look sharp, almost like armor.

break point rashguard shoulder

The logos of Break Point give it just enough bling to keep me happy (and you know I love bling!) Both sleeves have the logo on them and Break point is proudly displayed across the chest.


In addition, Break Point also has their name on the collar. I think that is probably my favorite feature of the gi. Who sublimates the collar? Break Point does.

break point rashguard collar

The Feel

I go from being svelte and awesome to a fat sack of crap throughout the year and the Break Point rashguard felt great no matter what shape I was in. I wore it as often as I could for nogi, and almost always under my gi.


break point rashguard hip logo

I think that when you train, a nice rashguard under the gi helps you stay classy (San Diego) on the mats. This rashguard felt perfect under my gi. Any scratchy seam taping or whatnot ceased to bother me and my sweat wasn’t going everywhere (which it does when you’re over 6 feet and 200lbs.)

stay classy

I feel like my Break Point rashguard is going to last quite a long time, so overall a great purchase. With the quality of the gi and the sublimation process being so high, I look forward to Break Point doing more with the graphics on their rashguards.

break point rashguard chest