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GiReviews Presents: Who makes the best BJJ belt? The OFFICIAL BJJ Belt Review – Part 1

BJJ Belt: Whose is best?

This question pops up from time to time for various reasons.

Some people replace their bjj belt, some instructors are looking for bjj belts to buy for their students, and some students buy their own bjj belts.

While it isn’t a gi review necessarily, we’ll start by looking at what other people have to say about their bjj belt!

tatami fightwear zero g v4 gi review belt

    • My experience with HCK bjj belts has been good. I think they are a bit cheaper than the other brands as well, but I haven’t checked the prices lately.
    • Don’t get Gameness, their bjj belts suck very much,
    • I have a gameness bjj belt and one of my training partner comments on how bad it sucks every time we drill. it doesn’t stay tied for shit.
      I just ordered an atama bjj belt to replace it with but i haven’t recieved it yet. i’ll give it a review after i’ve had a chance to try it out
    • I have an HCK that is a little over a year old and has held up very well. I wash it fairly often also.
    • I heard that War bjj belts are really nice and know alot of guys who like them
    • War bjj belt are quite awesome. They are made of single weave gi material, super thick and durable and they stay tied pretty well. Spendy though at about $40

  • I have a gameness white bjj belt. I can agree that it doesn’t stay tied for shit. I think I’ve decided to get an HCK. Between the recommendations here, and the cost, I’ll give it a try. Also, I like that it has the black sleeve for stripes in the future.
  • I have a Sirius bjj belt and I love it. Good belt for a good price.
  • I have a belt by Ronin Brand that I was less than enthused with initially, as it is thin and costs $5 (doesn’t imply that it’ll last), but it stays closed quite well and I have no complaints.
  • When I had a school all I sold was gamesness stuff. I had a gameness bjj belt for a little as did everyone at my school, I never heard any complaints about them. But then again i can’t keep any bjj belt tied no matter what.
  • I have no complaints with my Dragao bjj belt.


  • I have a Kaizen bjj belt. It stays tied very well and is light and hangs well. Our school handed out OTM belts at our last promotion and they all were super stiff on everybody. They also used them for the colored bjj belt in a tournament and I couldn’t stand them.
  • My gameness bjj belt is very nice. It’s just thick and stiff (even after washing) and won’t stay tied. Other then that, I don’t have any complaints. I can see it lasting a VERY long time.
  • Gameness!
  • I currently have a Gameness white bjj belt and love it to death. Very high quality bjj belt.
  • Koral is the best IMO. Thick, but supple, and stays tied well.
  • Go with Koral. Only issue with them is their colors are more “pastel” than other brands.
  • my blue and purple bjj belts are HCK. The thickness and width of the bjj belts is nice, but they don’t weigh much. That is my only complaint. I don’t care about whether it stays tied, I just want the biggest, heaviest belt I can get.
  • I like Atama.  Don’t get a Kieko – they never break in
  • The new HCK bjj belts are the best. they have a black patch for stripes that is 6″ and has a white bar on the top and the bottom
  • War bjj belts rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • When I had four stripes on my blue, the built in stripes on the HCK seemed to cause a lot of confusion. “How many stripes you got dood…6?”  I heard it ALL the time. For a while I even covered them up with electrical tape.
  • I find that Gamness is over priced and not that well made in general.
  • the fuji bjj belts are pretty cheap (price wise) and mine stays tight for a good percent of the practice.
  • atama belts are great. otm bjj belts are pretty good too. Often students wear the same kind of bjj belt that the instructor wears.
  • Heres a vote for Koral…..I love mine

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  • I like my Atama. Stays tied pretty well and lookd good too.
  • Atama bjj belts are a good solid standard. I’ve heard HCK bjj belts are good. Vulkans are my favorite shades.
  • Thought I remember some guys custom designing bjj belts… I hear Mizuno makes a good belt. I’m thinking about buying a Koral this time. My Atama did not hold up the way I wanted it to. When I got my purple bjj belt Cesar didn’t even have one! He told me to order it online. Everyone is telling me to get a good one this time. The bjj belt that I am getting today is not good quality…
  • Mizuno is a cotton / satin combo
  • I have a custom bjj belt from Vogel and it’s dynamite.
  • Renzo bjj Belt – thinner and not as wide, very soft. Looks like a spit wad when its knotted up.
    Fuji – Standard width, thickness. This is the bjj belt I received when I got my blue. It is a pastel blue, I just did not feel the right “Raca” with this.
    HCK – I just got this. I think the Black Bar is a little too big, but otherwise, nice stiffness, deep blue color, and feels like it will last a long time.
  • I have a war bjj belt too. It’s the best belt I’ve had but I just don’t think it’s worth the price. I’ll probably get something else when I get promoted.
  • If you are into big and bulky belt, OTM is really good.
  • I don’t think I heard anybody mention the Mizuno bjj Belt. My coach has the cotton/satin one. It ties nicely and looks cool. My buddy who just got his black gave me a brown that was too big for him. Now I have two. I think I’ll get one more to odden things up.

BJJ Belt: Any that we missed?

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There you have it folks.  Opinions are all over the place.  Regardless of love or hate, Gameness and HCK are the most popular here.  If you’re ever interested in grabbing a new bjj belt of your own, Click here. (affiliate link)

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