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2012 GiReviews BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – Book Edition



In this final installment of the 2012 GiReviews Holiday Gift Guide, we’ll chat about one of my favorite Instructional tools: BOOKS!

I’m also a giant supernerd and reading is probably my favorite thing in the world besides training Jiu Jitsu.

In case you missed our Gift guides for gis, nogi bjj gear, or bjj DVDs, make sure you check them out!

Without further adieu, here are some amazing BJJ books that I’d highly recommend you check out:

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2012 GiReviews BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – DVD Edition


Caio Terra’s Modern Jiu Jitsu

Caio Terra blew me away the release of “Modern Jiu Jitsu”. It has far and away the best production value of any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu DVD ever. The moves are explained in extreme detail at as perfect of a pace you are going to get. The freeze framing and slow motion are used to absolute perfection in this series and the techniques are solid. Each technique flows into the next technique which really helps for picking up sequences which are essential to good Jiu Jitsu.  Being of smaller size Caio only uses techniques that work and his abilities have been proven by winning multiple open-weight competitions despite him only being a rooster weight. With 140 specific techniques and 5 hours of instruction, this is an excellent pickup.

To Purchase Caio’s awesome new set, click here.

Saulo Riberio’s Jiu Jitsu Revolution

Saulo Riberio released Jiu Jitsu Revolution in 2004 but I am still using it for instruction. One of the things I have noticed about using Saulo’s videos is that when I watch a technique and apply it in class, it’s a technique I continue to use and it doesn’t just drop off into BJJ technique pergatory.  I do the below example technique virtually every single time I open someone’s guard. The techniques he shows are very focused on tight and proper control, which is what I believe is key to a sound BJJ base. He also takes time to show techniques he believes are ineffective and his preferences instead (his back mount philosophy is a personal favorite).

Saulo’s basics and fundamentals are some of the best ever put on DVD.

To Purchase, click here.

Demian Maia The Science of Jiu Jitsu

Released in 2007, many felt “The Science of Jiu Jitsu” was ground breaking BJJ DVD stuff. It had exquisite details for fundamental and advanced concepts alike. Beyond showing simple moves, Demain Maia shows specific variations one can make to the angle of an arm to increase it’s power and control. One of my favorite aspects of this DVD Set is his guard retention segment. His win over Jacare is a prime example of his guard retention abilities. He doesn’t just show moves, he examines concepts and theories that are transferable to any position. A must have set indeed.

To Purchase, click here.

To purchase Demian Maia’s second edition of Science of Jiu Jitsu, click here.

Ryan Hall’s Back Attacks

This is the only set I’ve listed that focuses on a single position, but man does this DVD change your back attacks forever.  I can watch some of the moves in this DVD, immediately go to practice and hit them all over the place. They are just THAT effective. Beyond individual techniques Ryan discusses principles and concepts that will change the way you play your game. Don’t fear, Ryan Hall flexibility levels not required. (I just wanted to agree that you can do this stuff without being flexible! ~ Brendan)

To Purchase, click here.

Rubens Charles Cobrinha

In my opinion, the second best DVD set in regards to production quality, Cobrinha, like Maia, also covers excellent guard retention techniques to compliment your game. He also introduces the viewers to more advanced techniques such as the reverse de la riva and spider guards. His competition videos included with the DVD set are an awesome added bonus.

To Purchase Cobrinha’s awesome set, click here.

Also worth checking out:

Stephan Kesting’s Grappling Drills

Stephan Kesting’s How to Defeat the Bigger, Strong Opponent 2 with Brandom Mullins

Andre Galvao’s ‘Favorite Moves’

Tony Pacenski’s excellent DVD on the Berimbolo game!


2012 GiReviews BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – Nogi Edition


I know that some of you saw our last post about what gi-related things would be awesome to get (I mean give!) this holiday season and were like

Yeah right, Brendan.  How is any of that going to help me in the impending zombie apocalypse?

Oh.. you weren’t think that? That was just me.  Crap.

Regardless, zombies like to grab onto clothes so if the zombie apocalypse were to happen, or if you wanted to do something super crazy and train without the gi, here’s an awesome list of nogi things that you should buy for yourself (read: others) this holiday season!

Scramble Rashguards

scramble-ranked-rashguard-bjjWhether it’s the 3/4 sleeve, Be Water, or the new Ranked rashguards, if you’re looking for a nogi grappling top, they have to be on your list of brands to check out.

Purchase: In the US, you can grab them from MMA Warehouse, the UK, pick them up directly from Scramble.

Fuji Sakana Rashguard

joe-rogan-black-belt-fuji-sakana-rashguardI love the Fuji Sakana rashguard.  I didn’t buy it just because Joe Rogan had it on when he got his black belt (note: he was also going full spats – see below)

Purchase:  You can grab this at MMA Warehouse, and Hatashita Sports

Scramble Grappling Spats

scramble-urban-camo-spatsIf you’re a man, a real man, you’ll go full spats. And if you’re wearing spats, they really should be Scramble.  Other brands like Tatami and Strike are okay, but the new Scramble spats collab with APLSD are amazing!

Purchase:  In the US, right now only has the new spats, but the still awesome older versions can be bought from Budovideos.  Obviously you can get them directly from Scramble if you live abroad!

Shoyoroll Rashguards and Nogi shorts

shoyoroll-ranked-rashguardI wasn’t digging the past rashguards that Shoyoroll put out, but I really like the large print on the arms and the other design aspects of them.  I’d say that these, along with the Scramble ranked rashguards listed above, are probably my favorite ranked rashguards right now!

Purchase: Pick these up at Budovideos

Manto Rashguards

manto beast rashguardI mentioned the Beast rashguard last year and thankfully, Manto has continued this design and I freaking love it.  Combined with the really cool, new Muerte rashguard, Manto shows that they can continue to make awesome rashguard designs.  Now if only they’d make some spats!

Purchase: You can grab these stateside at MMA Warehouse.

Tatami x Gawakoto Rashguard

tatami fightwear x gawakoto rashguardNot only does Tatami just make great high quality rashguards in general, but the design on this one blew me away.

Purchase: Hopefully, this will be for sale soon! I can’t wait to get one!

Gawakoto ‘Save the Earth’ rashguard and shorts

gawakoto save the earth rashguardAs you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of BJJ artist Bong Abad’s artwork and the StE rashguard and shorts look amazing.  They’re fully sublimated with fantastic art and really stand out. Definitely a 10/10 on the bling scale.

Purchase: Gawakoto’s online store


Check out last year’s list as well for a few other great ideas!

Shoyoroll Batch 13 GoldStar Release Information

Shoyoroll Batch 13 GoldStar

Shoyoroll GoldStar Presale Summary

This is a pre-sale, not a pre-order. This means once they sell out they’re gone.

You better sit at your computer and wait to click to get one, and follow this guide.

Check out these limited edition gis from Tatami, Fuji, and more at MMA Warehouse

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2012 GiReviews BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – Gi Edition

holiday buying guide 2012 bjj gi edition from

It’s about that time of the year again that we buying JiuJitsu gis for ourselves and loved ones.

But really just for ourselves (AMIRITE?).  I’ve had a lot of favorite gis throughout the year but here are a few in no particular order.

Any of your favorite gis that I missed? Post them in the comments below!


Scramble Wave

As most of you already know, I’m a big fan of the Scramble wave, and Scramble in general.  They do great things for the sport and their designs are amazeballs.

Review: Scramble Wave Gi Review

To Buy: MMA Warehouse (best for US), Scramble homepage (best for UK)

overview of the gawakoto save the earth gi

Gawakoto Save the Earth gi

Definitely one of the most ‘artsy’ gis that I have seen this year, the Gawakoto ‘Save the Earth gi’ combines some amazing art by BJJ artist Bong Abad and some very smart design.  I love the aesthetic of this gi and it’s probably one of the coolest gis that I’ve seen this year.  Definitely worth picking up this holiday season as I don’t know

Aiden rocking an ok kimonos kids bjj gi t shirt

To buy: Gawakoto Save the Earth gi


OK! Kimonos

Shameless plug for my own brand, but the brand represents everything that I believe a brand should do:

Our gis are currently in stock and will be released on Friday, November 23rd, 2012.  I’m doing a lot of tests on them to make sure they’re ready to be solid and if you’re looking for a new gi for your child this holiday season, definitely give them a look and let me know what you think!

CTRL Industries gis

I’ve really made it no secret that I’m a huge fan of CTRL’s gis and design aesthetic.  The Rook is definitely one of my favorite gis that I own and I’ll soon be adding a friend for it in the CTRL Industries Ipanema gi.  These are great gis that are definitely worth picking up.

Review: CTRL Industries Rook Review

To buy: CTRL Industries Gis

Bull Terrier gis

image of bull terrier new star jacket

Review:  Bull Terrier New Star Gi Review

To Buy: MMA Warehouse

Fuji BJJ Gis

Fuji single weave gis remain the best bang for your buck in the market.  If you’re shopping on a budget or grabbing your first gi, the Fuji really needs to be it!

To purchase:  MMA Warehouse

Omega Maniac

Omega Maniac is definitely one of the most underrated brands out there.  They have some really high quality gis that easily rival other brands I like such as Shoyoroll and Ctrl Industries.  Their new Shaka gi is no exception (click here to win one!).  They’d make a great holiday gift for the bjj gi fanatic in your life!

To Purchase: Omega Maniac


Ronin Samurai

ronin brand samurai 1I just picked up the Ronin Samurai in Navy and absolutely love it.  The A2L fits me perfectly and the design is great.  The embroidery holds up really well and its fast becoming one of my favorite gis.  If you aren’t sold on the samurai, definitely check out the Insignia as well!

Review: Ronin Samurai video review, Ronin Insignia review


Also, check out last year’s list for some other do not miss holiday gift ideas for the gi enthusiast in your life!!


The Epic Gi eBook is Out Now

epic gi book featured img

Yes, I am playing on words, it is an epic gi book which also happens to be an ebook! It’s not as funny if you have to explain it…

What if you never had any questions about BJJ gis ever again?

What if I could answer every single one in a single place?

What if I also could promise I could save you hundreds of dollars on BJJ gis?

Today marks my attempt to do exactly that.  This Book collectively answers as many BJJ gi related questions in one place.Continue reading

Tap Cancer Out Fundraising Campaigns


We here at are always looking for the best products, services and projects to share with our fellow grappling enthusiasts. A project both of us have been supporting for quite a while is TapCancerOut (TCO) created by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple belt Jon Thomas.

From the site: “Tap Cancer Out is a jiu-jitsu based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that raises awareness and funds for cancer fighting organizations on behalf of the grappling community. We do this through direct donations, sponsors, and hosting events.”

TCO makes some really great quality patches, rashguards and shirts that you can pick up from their site’s store. And when you purchase any of their goods you get the satisfaction of knowing that all of the profits go directly to fighting cancer. They help host charity tournaments among many other endeavors.

Here is Jon giving a $22,658.11 check to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society:


This was in 2012. Their donations have been consistently increasing every year, and 2015 saw their total donations sent to beneficiary surpass the $100,000 mark!

I cannot express how important of a cause this is. I don’t want to die knowing that I didn’t do everything I could to ensure people like my son have a cure if he was to ever get cancer.

Cancer hits very close for me. With the constant bickering on the news over wars and politics, things like Cancer get left out of the discussion and it’s up to us to raise the issue.

MILLIONS of people die from Cancer each year. In the United States over 1,500 people are estimated to die every DAY from Cancer. To put that into perspective 6,570 servicemen have died in Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom COMBINED. It takes less than 5 days for Cancer to surpass that death toll.

Unlike most corporations there are no lobbyists with endless resources at their disposal to bring more attention to Cancer at the highest levels of our government. It’s up to us people. Get out there and do something about it.

Want to support Tap Cancer Out and get an awesome gi in the process?

Our Way of Supporting Tap Cancer Out

We’ve been absolutely blown away at the effort that Jon Thomas has put forth with Tap Cancer Out and we are doing all that we can to support him.

With that in mind, we to announced the Official GiReviews store in 2012. The GiReviews store featured gently used gis that I have reviewed in the past.

Important Note: The GiReviews store is no longer active. We’d like to thank all who joined us in this effort!

Our stated goal was to sell all of our extra gis and then proceed to send a massive check to Tap Cancer Out!

We only sold gis that we think are worth reselling so if you have any questions about the gis that were sold, feel free to read the accompanying review, or just send us an email and ask!

In addition, GiReviews patches were also put up for sale in the Gireviews Store.

How you teamed up with us to send TapCancerOut a big ole’ check.

After selling a bunch of our used Gi’s we had a nice check to send to TapCancerOut to help their cause!

We really loved having been able to help in this way because not only did WE help, but YOU helped. We posted our used Gi’s and you guys bought them! We couldn’t have done it without you! Community involvement is what projects like this is ALL about.

We obviously can’t thank you enough for contributing!

I just wanted to personally thank everybody who has helped us raise money so far in 2014 to benefit Tap Cancer Out.  All funds have been raised through the sale of gently used gis in the GiReviews.Net store and we raised $650!


If you want to continue to support Tap Cancer Out, you may do so by donating directly to them via their Donation page.

Thanks again for all of your support!


BJJ Style vs. Gracie Mag vs. JJ Mag: BATTLE TO THE DEATH!


A few months ago, I was chatting with my friend Seymour (aka Meerkatsu), about the best BJJ magazines.  We debated back and forth about what to look for in a BJJ magazine.



Feature stories?


Page count?

Buy Jiu Jitsu Style Magazine issues at Amazon
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TOP SECRET! Exclusive info on the next four Shoyoroll Batches (13-16)

TOP SECRET! Exclusive info on the next four Shoyoroll Batches (13-16)

Well, despite a lot of naysayers (myself included), it actually looks like Shoyoroll might come out with their scheduled 10 gis this year!

I think that if I had to pick a favorite upcoming batch, I couldn’t (but it’d probably be Batch 13).  But I’m REALLY looking forward to the Charles Lew, The Competitor, and the Forever Rolls gi. Read on for more details on these!

Below is a quick update of some of the new gis (sorry, no photos.. yet!) that will be coming out this year.

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Updated: How to get a pre-sale Shoyoroll Guaranteed


You were all set to order your Shoyoroll Ring.  You read all of the previews and had been geeking out on it for a few weeks now.

You logged onto Budovideos at the appointed release time, put the in your cart, and… nothing.

Nothing happened.

You relogged on.


Then a third time.

Aaaaaaand its sold out.

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