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Shoyoroll Batch 30 ‘Like Cheese’ Ordering Details

Shoyoroll Batch 30 'Like Cheese'

The first sale of 2014 is just around the corner! The online sale for Shoyoroll Batch #30 Like Cheese will start on Monday, February 17th 2014 at 10AM, PST!

The gi’s can be purchased directly through Shoyoroll, BudoVideos and international distributors. International distributors will conduct the sale during their respective time zone.

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2013 GiReviews BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – Nogi Edition


Let’s be honest. Sometimes you like to live on the wild side.  You like to let your hair down and get a little crazy on the mats… You know what I’m talking about, grappler. Nogi. Grappling savagery at its finest. Continue reading

2013 GiReviews BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – Gi Edition


It’s about that time of year again to start buying over-sized pajamas for our loved-ones, or just start tagging our loved ones in photos of BJJ gis on Facebook so they know what to buy us.

Or maybe that’s just me…

So just to save you all some trouble, feel free to forward this guide on to all of your loved ones so they know what to get you.

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The most insanely complete BJJ Black Friday Post ever created

complete BJJ Black Friday

This is a list of Black Friday Deals.

The savings on this post is enough to blow your beard off.

Unless you’re Kit Dale. Or Chuck Norris. Or Odin.

Don Frye is probably okay too.

So if you aren’t one of them, please don’t read any further.

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Get the Funk and Stink out of your gi!

get the smell out of your bjj gi

Recently, I came across two excellent ideas for getting rid of built-in smell in your gi.

It’s a perfect addition to our guide for washing and shrinking your BJJ gi.

Hope these are helpful!

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2012: Best of the Year Awards!



One more year down and thousands of new Gi products released! That means, it’s time for our 2012 Best of the Year Awards!

Firstly, we must thank all of our fans and our awesome community who supports us! Without all of you we wouldn’t be able to continue with our passion that is GiReviews!

Without further ado!

best of 2012

The Best BJJ Gi of 2012…..

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Shoyoroll DLUX Kimono and Pre-Sale Details

Shoyoroll DLUX Kimono and Pre-Sale Details

Shoyoroll’s  newest Training gi, the DLUX,  goes on sale soon.

Mark your calendars.

After many requests, Shoyoroll is producing a heavy duty gi that can withstand more beating during training. The DLUX is a version of the standard pearl weave jacket, but with a super soft interior cotton finish. This has never been done before with any past releases. The pants are also made more durable with a heavier gauge of cotton for a longer life in daily training.

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Shoyoroll Batch 17 The Competitor Pre-Sale Information

Shoyoroll Batch #17: Competitor Presale goes on soon. Mark your calendars. SYR’s Batch #17- “Competitor” is inspired to reflect our logo layout for our sponsored athlete gi’s. This gi is perfect for competition! The kimono will be available in two colors- White and Blue. Unfortunately, they didn’t produce their fitted gi sizes for this particular batch. This means the A3S is available, but the ‘F’ sizes they’ve done recent are not.

Shoyoroll Batch 17 The Competitor

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Why I’m NOT Looking Forward to 2013

stink faceI’ll level with you.

I’m not looking forward to GiReviews 2013.

2011 was a piece of cake.

2012 was an absolute monster.

2013 is going to be worse.

Let me explain…

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Shoyoroll Batch 15 Her Honor Preview and Release Information

Shoyoroll Batch 15 Her Honor Preview and Release Information

This is a pre-sale, not a pre-order. This means once they sell out they’re gone.

You better sit at your computer and wait to click to get one, and follow this guide.

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