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IBJJF Gi Regulations Decoded


What follows are the rules for the IBJJF in regards to kimonos.  Keep these in mind if you have read our reviews and are looking to purchase a new gi.  Unless you only want it for training, be sure to follow the guidelines.  If you’ve never been to an International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation tournament, you have never seen the gi checks they do.  The checks are serious and there is no need to be disqualified ahead of time.


Check out these awesome deals on IBJJF-approved gis at Amazon!

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How to get a pre-sale Shoyoroll GUARANTEED


I was all set to order my Scramble 1chiban.  I had hyped it up for a month here on the site and I was so excited to get one.

I logged onto Budovideos at the appointed release time, put an A3 in my cart, started filling in all of my important details: address, credit card info, etc.

The whole process took maybe 3 minutes.

Which was about a minute too late.

2 minutes. It took 2 minutes for them to sell out!

Get the Best Deals on BJJ Gis Today at MMA Warehouse

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Top 5 Gi Features

5 special gi featuresBeing a gi reviewer has opened my eyes to a major dirty secret of the gi market: most brands are basically the same.  When you buy a gi with ____ logo on it, chances are it was made in the same factory as 10 other gi brands.  This becomes apparent in the cut, appearance and quality of gis as well as their features.

However, some gis come in that are absolutely incredible.  Here’s a list of 5 features that have stood out to me in gis that I’ve reviewed which I believe set them apart.

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5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can’t Live Without



There are so many items to buy on the BJJ market… What gear is actually worth buying?

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Shoyoroll Batch 30 ‘Like Cheese’ Ordering Details

The first sale of 2014 is just around the corner! The online sale for Shoyoroll Batch #30 Like Cheese will start on Monday, February 17th 2014 at 10AM, PST!

The gi’s can be purchased directly through Shoyoroll, BudoVideos (Save 5% off your purchase. Details below!) and international distributors. International distributors will conduct the sale during their respective time zone.

shoyoroll batch 30 like cheese

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2013 GiReviews BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – Nogi Edition


Let’s be honest. Sometimes you like to live on the wild side.  You like to let your hair down and get a little crazy on the mats… You know what I’m talking about, grappler. Nogi. Grappling savagery at its finest. Continue reading

2013 GiReviews BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – Gi Edition


It’s about that time of year again to start buying over-sized pajamas for our loved-ones, or just start tagging our loved ones in photos of BJJ gis on Facebook so they know what to buy us.

Or maybe that’s just me…

So just to save you all some trouble, feel free to forward this guide on to all of your loved ones so they know what to get you.

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The most insanely complete BJJ Black Friday Post ever created

gsp black friday

This is a list of Black Friday Deals.

The savings on this post is enough to blow your beard off.

Unless you’re Kit Dale. Or Chuck Norris. Or Odin.

Don Frye is probably okay too.

So if you aren’t one of them, please don’t read any further.

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Get the Funk and Stink out of your gi!

get the smell out of your bjj gi

Recently, I came across two excellent ideas for getting rid of built-in smell in your gi.

It’s a perfect addition to our guide for washing and shrinking your BJJ gi.

Hope these are helpful!

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