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Bill The Grill Cooper Signature Gi by Moya Brand Gi Review


Bill Cooper Gi by Moya Brand Summary

The Bill Cooper Signature Gi by Moya Brand is definitely not for people who want to blend in in the back of the class.  It combines super comfortable gi material (jacket and pants), with bold patchwork and subtle contrast stitching.


Moya Brand offers a range of really solid training gis.  I like that while you can use some of the gis for competition because they’re lightweight, such as the Hawaiian Cloth gi, Moya has really focused on making a solid all-around gi that will last.


Originally this gi was massive on me, much akin to my Ronin Samurai and my Grab&Pull Premium.  The same is true in our Moya Brand White Sand review.

By shrinking it down a bit, the gi fit me much better in the sleeves and around my midsection.  Also, the pants shortened up to an acceptable level. Note the images below as a progression of the fit.

moya brand 1


moya brand 2




Measurements are taken after shrinking it the first time. I put it through another cycle of shrinking before it fit me the way I prefer a gi to fit (so it’s been shrunk twice overall).

gireviews size chart

A – 6.5″ (good fit)

B – 30″

C – 21

D – 26 (very wide)

E – 22.5

F – 12

G – 9.5

H – 41 (back) / 39 (front)

You can see in the photo below how some gis are cut to have their skirts pull flush when closed.  The Bill Cooper Signature Gi by Moya Brand has a more open front to its jacket.


Also note the back of the pants are higher than the front.




On this gi, you either love the design or you hate it.

As I mentioned in our preview of the Moya Brand Bill Cooper Signature Gi, if you aren’t a fan of Bill, you freaking should be.  You probably just haven’t seen him grapple. Let’s fix that right now:

With that said, the design is really bold. If you like Bill and get him, or you’ve seen his super sick Deep Half Guard Killer dvd (affiliate link), you’ll probably like the gi.  If not, you probably won’t.  In that case, just follow our guide to removing patches and you have a really comfy Moya Brand gi with really nice tan contrast stitching. Win-win!


As mentioned previously, the 450gsm pearl weave  jacket on this gi was huge on me when I first got it.  The size issue was taken care of by following our gi washing/shrinking guide.


The collar on the Bill Cooper gi is fantastic.  Very thick and durable with no signs of wear after hard training.  The stitching is near perfect.

The patchwork is great and is definitely bold.  The only embroidery is on the back hip of the skirt and I wish there was more!  I’m a huge fan of embroidery and hope Moya Brand does more of it in the future.




The 12oz trousers are perfect for regular training.  They have reinforced seams (though not as many as my Justgipants or Sub FC gi).  Though the knee padding doesn’t go all the way down to the foot, they are very very large and I have no doubt they’ll hold up for a long time.


The belt loops were cut a bit large and caused the drawstring (which is a great, thick, drawstring I might add) to ride up if not tied tight.  If you tie it properly, this isn’t an issue.

Rolling Performance

I run a drilling session on Saturday mornings and that was primarily where I wore this gi.  I didn’t wear it to roll in until I shrank it down to an acceptable level.

Once I had the gi to size, it was great to roll and drill in.  Very soft and the thickness of the pants helped to keep sweat off of my skin and keep me cool.

As a person who plays guard to sweep and pass (I don’t submit from my guard often unless its an omoplata), I felt fine working off my back with this gi.

Wife Approval

As she took all of the photos for this review and it was over 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside when we were shooting pictures of me with tin foil in my mouth, I didn’t even bother to ask her what she thought.



Like some other Moya Brand gis, this gi comes a bit large, but don’t be scared homey! (See what I did there?)

The gi is excellent and if you’re a fan of Bill Cooper, you should definitely pick one up.  Even if you plan to take the patches off (here’s how to take patches off), it’s a really solid training gi with excellent tan stitching and highlights.

It’s a very expensive gi ($200) and if you’re a buyer on a budget, this may not be for you.  But, if you’re okay with shelling out money for a nice gi, then check out the links below!

To Purchase

To browse the wide range of Moya Brand gis click here (Best Price Guarentee) (affiliate link)

The check out the Bill Cooper Signature gi, click here.


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