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GiReviews.Net Exclusive Preview: Bill Cooper Signature Gi by Moya Brand

Start getting excited Gi fanatics!

Here on GiReviews.Net, we are giving you an EXCLUSIVE look at the new Bill Cooper Signature Gi by Moya Brand.  This thing looks sick. 

As you know, we love a lot of patches and bling on a gi, so this one is definitely perfect for us.  They’ve also used tan contrast stitching. 

Do yourself a favor and click the image below.  You can see some amazing details on the gi due to the large image size. 

We really like that they went with heavier pants for this as well.  That will make this an excellent training gi. And just in case you want to use it for IBJJF competition, it’s been approved by them as well.

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 Bill the Grill Cooper Signature Gi Labels
Official stats on the Moya Brand Bill Cooper Signature Gi:
  • 450 Gram Pearl Weave
  • Tan Contrast Stitching with matching draw cord.
  • All wovern patches with embroidered artwork on the back.
  • 12 Oz Cotton Twill Pants
  • Reinforced critical seams
  • Inside tappering along the inner lapel
  • IBJJF Approved


This picture is extra awesome if you remember the old Beastie Boys videos

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We take your privacy very seriously


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