Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Reviews

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All posts by Emil Fischer

Reevo Aerolight II Gi Review: I can feel it, rolling in the Aerolight… Oh Lord…



A product of Hatashita International, the Reevo Aerolight II is an innovative product with the unique feature of mesh venting in its underarms.  This is an attractive and durable product that can make a fine addition to your gi collection.

Editor’s Note: Keep on reading to see how you can get a $50 discount when you buy the Aerolight V2! (Hint: Promo code involved).

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Do Or Die Hyperfly StarLyte: The Next Generation of Gi Material

do-or-die-hyperfly-starlyte-2 main picture


One of the hottest and most active companies on the gi market, Do or Die Hyperfly has established themselves as a constant innovator, putting out high quality attractive product with simple yet iconic designs.  We had the special privilege of getting to review their brand spanking new StarLyte gi ahead of its release.
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Top 5 Gi Features

Top 5 Gi Features

Being a gi reviewer has opened my eyes to a major dirty secret of the gi market: most brands are basically the same.  When you buy a gi with ____ logo on it, chances are it was made in the same factory as 10 other gi brands.  This becomes apparent in the cut, appearance and quality of gis as well as their features.

However, some gis come in that are absolutely incredible.  Here’s a list of 5 features that have stood out to me in gis that I’ve reviewed which I believe set them apart.

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Daniel Camarillo’s Armhunter Gi: For When You’re Out Hunting for Arms…

Armhunter Black Pearl Weave Gi Review-banner-3


If you don’t know who Daniel Camarillo is, look him up.  One of the most decorated American jiu jitsu competitors around, Camarillo is a legend of the sport.  He recently put out his signature brand Armhunter’s first jiu jitsu gi, check out the review!

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E Nois Alley Cat: Check Out This Gi Right Meow!

E Nois Alley Cat

by Emil Fischer


E Nois, Portuguese for “It’s Us” or “We Got This” is a different kind of brand that puts out a different kind of product.  They sent over their beautiful Alley Cat Gi for review and it truly is a unique and special product.

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5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can’t Live Without

5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can't Live Without

There are so many items to buy on the BJJ market… What gear is actually worth buying?

There’s a whole market of goods associated with BJJ and in that market there are products that are and are not worth spending your money on.  I remember when I first started training and became mystified with all of the different products and accessories sold on the various web-shops that sell BJJ related products, and I didn’t know which products were really worth the money that I would spend on them.  Here’s a list of 5 products that I can tell you for a fact you may not realize that you’re missing, but will be very happy with once you’ve bought them:Continue reading

Fusion Fight Gear’s Mr. Spock: Live Long And Prosper

Fusion FG Star Trek Mr Spock Gi Review - banner7

The jiu jitsu gear market is full of companies that produce gear themed after pop culture icons, but very few of those companies ever produce officially licensed gear with the logos and characters that they portray. Fusion Fight Gear has burst onto the scene, offering officially licensed jiu jitsu gear bearing the logos, and iconic characters of some of the more famous franchises including Star Trek, Street Fighter and The Terminator (amongst others).

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Ground Fighter’s Northern Lights Gi: An Amazing Gi from the Ground Up

ground fighter northern lights gi review


For their first foray into the gi market, Ground Fighter decided to go all out and make a real splash with their Northern Lights gi.  This gi is one of the nicest I’ve had the privilege of reviewing!

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The FluxK Toiler Gi: Clean, Simple, Awesome

fluxk toiler gi review banner 3


A while back we did a brand profile on FluxK, they since sent in a gi for review, their gold weave Toiler gi in white.  This soft comfortable gi is as comfy as it is clean in its design.

Check out these gold weave gis by Hayabusa, Venum, Piranha, and more!

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War Tribe’s Trifecta of Awesome Gis Part 2: The Flow Gi

War Tribe Gear Flow Gi Review


War Tribe Gear has become a staple of the gi market, with super attractive products that feature cutting edge materials.  I was extremely excited to get my hands on not one but THREE of their gis to review and compare — Precision, Flow, and Black Widow.  This review is of the excellent War Tribe Flow Gi.

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