Atama Ultra Light Gi Reviews

Atama Ultra Light Gi Reviews

Atama Ultra Light Gi

The Atama Ultra Light kimonos are their lightest kimonos.  You get the same high quality you'd expect from Atama.  These are great for hot weather training or competitions like the IBJJF where you weigh in with the gi on.  It's cut just like their Mundial models (see Mundial 9 gi review here) and has no seam in the back.

The Atama Gi Ultra Light is soft just like you'd expect from the a lightweight gi and weighs between 3-4lbs.  It's not as light as some gis (weighing in around 1-2lbs.) but certainly will be more durable as its heavier.  It features Atama's ripstop pants that, personally, I have never seen or heard of having ripped (mine are still solid after years with them) unlike other brands ‘ripstop' pants that rip all the time.  These ultra lights aren't as light as some of the truly super light gis that are out there, but the Atama Ultra Light Gis will probably last longer than a lot of others.

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Gi Review: Atama Ultra Light

Additional Information

  • made from ultra light weave fabric
  • pants and collar are made of military ripstop fabric
  • no seam on the back of the jacket and reinforcements on all stress points
  • developed for maximum comfort, lightness and allowing the fabric to dry quicker
  • great for training on hot days and competitions

Fancy more color? The Atama Ultralight is also available in BLUE!

Size Chart

Size – Height – Weight

A1 – 5'2 to 5'5 – 110 to 145
A2 – 5'5 to 5'9 – 145 to 175
A3 – 5'9 to 6'1 – 175 to 210
A4 – 6'2 to 6'5 – 210 to 255
A5 – 6'0 to 6'6 – 255 to 305
A6 – 6'4+ – 305+

User Reviews

via Sadatay

Fit- the gi is quite tailored with a short skirt. Atama gi’s fit me better than most other due to being stocky.

Collar- thick and stiff. This collar is stiffer than my Atama Mundial. In fact most of the weight for the top is from the collar.

Stitching- there were some frays but these do not hurt the integrity of the gi

Durability- the gi is exceptionally light and stretches slightly when pulled, but this does not hurt the integrity of the gi.

Pants- ripstop, light, and very comfortable

Overall- This gi is so light it feels awkward. That being said, it is a high quality gi. I have owned several light weight gi’s (e.g. Shoyoroll, Keiko summer, Koral lightweight) and this is the best one for my body type and has the best collar. Moreover, the price is excellent for this gi.

via Ed

The pants are nice and light, but the cut is a little baggy for my taste. The stitching on both the pants and jacket are not the best. I’ve only owned this gi for a few weeks now, and the jacket already tears when pulled hard enough (which is not that hard).

via Chad

Just got back from training in it for the first time. Some observations….

It is super light. To the point where it is almost like it is not on.

It breathes very well. I actually can feel a breeze of air as I am moving. Other gi’s I have tried in the temperature between the outside of the gi and the inside gi is noticeably different once I start breaking a sweat. Not the case with this one.

The lapel is still a bit stiff and I am thinking this is causing the gi to open up a little when I start moving. I imagine this won’t be an issue once I break everything in.

The pants are every bit amazing as everyone has raved about them.

There is very minimal stretch to the gi.


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    • I think the Atama single is better for what it does. If I was going to get another single weave and I wanted it to last as long as most double or gold weaves, I’d get an atama. But if I were going to get a lightweight gi, I’d probably go for Subculture or the Atama. Are you looking more for durability or something that weighs less?

  1. I have two Atama Ultra lite gi’s a white and black; I must say that the jackets are nice, yet both pairs of the ripstop pants are… ripped! 🙁 I guess “ripstop” is a name and not a promise.

    • They must’ve done their ripstops different for the ultra lite vs the mundial 7 and mundial 9s. Those parachute style pants seem indestructible. They’re made out of the same ripstop as Kauai kimonos are. Are they the same as the Ultra lite pants?

      • I’ve had 3 mundial #9. White, Black and Blue. The black 1 had different pants than the White / Blue version but my new black ultra light has the same pants as my white/blue mundial #9 which is weird. Must’ve been an old batch or something. I love the pants on my blue mundial and black ultra light but hate the black mundial pants.


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