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Atama Mundial 9 Women’s Gi Review


by Ayanthi (Click here to check out Ayanthi’s Fushida review)

Atama is a popular, classic, and historic brand in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Many of the Gracies wear Atama and they sponsor well-known competitors like Mackenzie Dern and Leticia Ribeiro.  However, I was disappointed by the Atama Women’s Mundial 9.  I received this gi in December 2010 and wore it regularly for a year and a half, as I only had one other gi at the time.  I was lucky to find this during a sale on MMAWarehouse, and was able to get it for around $140.  This is a real steal, since they retail for close to $200 now!

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First Impressions


When I first bought this gi, I was impressed by how clean the design was.  The logos on the sleeves look very sharp as did the logo on the pant leg.  The pants seemed sort of thin to me and I was concerned if they would last a long time, which turned out to be a valid concern!  This was my second gi, and the only other gi I had at the time was a Sirius Ultra-Lite Gold Weave, which I still wear.


It’s reasonably fitted without restricting movement or violating IBJJF regulations.  As soon as I put on this gi, it was clear that I could NOT let it shrink.  I only washed it in cold water and hung it to dry to avoid any shrinkage, and have not noticed any shrinkage to date (see our bjj gi washing/shrinking guide for more info).  Atama did do a good job tailoring this to a women’s body, as the jacket and pants weren’t baggy and weren’t too long on me.  The measurements are below:

A. Sleeve Length (cuff to cuff): 57″

B. Jacket Height: 26″

C. Jacket Width: 16″

D. Overlap (corner of the overlapping lapel to the edge of the gi): 12″

E. Wrist Cuff: 5.5″

F. Armpit (shoulder to midpoint of armpit): 11″

G. Pant Waist width: 20″

H. Pant Length: 33.75″

I. Ankle Cuff: 9″

J. Top of Gi Pants to Crotch: 9″

K. Width of one pant leg: 11.25″

L. Gusset Width: 14.5″


The gi top is a pearl weave and fit me quite comfortably.  The gi was just IBJJF legal, as I wore it at the 2011 Pan Ams and the gi checker had no problem with it.  The skirt is small, which I like as it doesn’t inhibit any movement.

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I’ve heard that Atama gis are supposed to have a thick collar, but the collar on this gi is somewhat thin and flimsy.  It’s not like the collar of a karate gi, but nowhere near as thick as any other gi I’ve felt.  It’s somewhat easy to manipulate.


Additionally, I always notice loose threads on this gi.  I pull them off as I see them, but I’ve taken pictures of a few that I haven’t to illustrate this point.




The pants are ripstop pants.  This was my first pair of ripstop pants and I am not a fan of them, at least the Atama ones.  They feel very thin and become see-through when sweaty/wet.  They also just don’t feel that comfortable to me.  They are also somewhat short on me. They come about 3” or so above my ankles, and others have commented on how short the pants are.


Additionally, about a year, maybe a little less, after buying the gi, I noticed that the pants had ripped down the center of the crotch in the back!  This was unnoticeable at first, but really ripped down the center to the point that others pointed it out and the pants are no longer wearable.  Ironically enough, my Atama ripSTOP pants are the only pants I have had rip!!


Overall, I would not recommend this gi.  For the price you pay, it does not hold up well to wear and tear and the pants simply aren’t comfortable.  The gi weighs 4.4 pounds for the F3, so even despite the ripstop pants, this certainly isn’t as light as other competition gis.

When I first bought this gi in December 2010, there weren’t many women’s gis available, but now there is a much bigger market, as Fushida, Tatami, and Keiko Raca all make women’s gis. Additionally, Killer Bee Gi will be releasing a women’s gi in the near future.  Perhaps Atama has changed this gi since 2010, but I am not willing to spend nearly 200 dollars to find out if the new model is better.

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About the Author Brendan

Brendan is the Founder and mastermind behind He is currently a Purple belt training in both gi and no gi. By day he is a elementary school teacher, by night, a jedi gi reviewer!

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Jason says June 18, 2012

Good review Ayanthi, even though it wasn’t a positive one. Thank you for giving the measurements and weight of the gi (the weight for me is important as I prefer light gi’s) I was considering getting the Mundial 9 (for men of course) but after reading your review and Meerkatsu’s, I think I’m going to pass.

Nicole says June 18, 2012

Huh. The more reviews I read, the more I feel like I’m the only one out there who likes this gi. I have two of them, both gotten on sale (I don’t think I could stomach paying $200 for this, but $145-155, sure), one in blue and one in white. While I understand all the criticisms they get, for me they are some of the most tailored, snug-yet-comfy gis I own. AND I love the pants. Maybe I just got lucky, but I’m still an Atama fan.

Stephanie says June 18, 2012

It’s funny, I had been researching gis recently and had considered buying another Atama (I currently have the Leticia Ribeiro gi) and another woman at my gym called her Atama gi pants her “gi capris”. While I haven’t had that issue with the Leticia Ribeiro’s I decided to be cautious and I ended up buying a Tatami gi.

    Brendan says June 19, 2012

    how do you like it? My friend Julia of loves hers.

      Stephanie says June 19, 2012

      So far, I love it! I ended up getting the men’s Zero G version 2 in an A1. As I guessed, it was a little loose in the body of the gi and was pretty long, but I shrank it and now it fits perfect (FYI I’m 5’7′ and 125lbs soaking weight). It’s really lightweight and the gym where I train gets so hot and it hasn’t felt heavy at all. I fell like I can move around nicely in it, and now that I’ve shrunk it, I don’t feel like it’s swallowing me alive! The only issue I’ve had is with the string on the pants keeps coming undone, even with a double knot. I may have to resort to more drastic measures to keep the knot from coming undone!

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