Atama Leticia Ribeiro Edition Gi Review

Atama Leticia Ribeiro Edition Gi Review

Atama Leticia Ribeiro Guest Gi Review by Briana Myers

I purchased an Atama Leticia Ribeiro Edition gi toward the middle of December after realizing that, without my own washing machine, if I’d be training 3-4 times a week, I’d need more than one gi.  My first gi is a Fenom and while I love it, I wanted to see what else might be out there and this one caught my eye.

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First Impressions

Apart from the good reputation the brand enjoys, I appreciated the playful, sweet detailing in the embroidery.  I liked that this gi was feminine without being entirely bright pink or lavender and decorative without being covered with lots of large patches.

As a new student of jiu jitsu, I had a real concern that this would be “too much gi” for me at nearly $200 but I rationalized the price with the knowledge that it would be worn easily twice a week for a long time and I’d get far more enjoyment and use out of a new gi than out of a new party dress.

Sizing and Fit

According to Atama’s site, the fabric and construction is identical to their Mundial Model #9.  The pants and kimono are offered as mix-and-match separates:

Height Weight Size
4'9 – 5'0 85 – 100 F1
5'0 – 5'3 100 – 120 F2
5'3 – 5'7 115 – 140 F3
5'5 – 5'9 140 – 155 F4
5'9 – 6'0 155 – 170 F5
6'1 – 6'3 170 + F6

At 5’9” and 150lbs, I’m toward the top of the range for size F4.  Any concerns I had regarding sizing evaporated once the kimono arrived: sleeves and pants were long enough to require 2 hot washes to achieve my desired fit.  The tag sewn into the jacket estimates shrinkage of 5% which seems accurate.   If you’re on the smaller end of the range, you may need a few more sessions with the hot water.

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Atama Leticia Ribeiro Womens Gi Review (3)

The single-weave jacket is finished with purple Atama-logo tape on the inside of the cuffs and the outside of the hem.  The fabric drapes well and is substantial without feeling heavy or stiff.  The lapel features a rubberized collar that’s maintained a good amount of stiffness after many washes and 6 weeks of regular wear.

After two washes, my F4 jacket measures 29-1/2” long.  The skirt falls 12” below my natural waist, comfortably covering the widest part of my hips.

The kimono features the Atama logo with a spray of butterflies and tiny stars in shades of purple and pink stitched over either side of the chest and down the upper portion of the sleeve.  A smaller version of the logo is sewn on the yoke between the shoulders and the butterfly motif appears again on the left thigh of the pants.


Atama Leticia Ribeiro Womens Gi Review (2)

Pants are cotton with a reinforced knee and a self-fabric drawstring laced through four evenly-spaced loops.  I’m personally not a huge fan of cord ties, though I realize that may put me in the minority.  In addition to the logo embroidery mentioned above, a washing-care label is sewn on the right front hip.


Atama does a good job tailoring their clothing, the jacket in particular, to a woman’s body.  Tapering through the waist means that the kimono stays closed fairly well, even without a belt, and narrower shoulders and smaller sleeve circumferences mean that the jacket doesn’t slide all over the place during warmups, drills and rolls.

The pants have a high enough rise so that they sit closer to my waist than my hips which gives me a greater confidence that they’ll stay put and they’re cut generously through the hip and seat allowing for a good range of movement.

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Atama Leticia Ribeiro Womens Gi Review (4)

While the finishing looked perfect upon arrival, after the first wash, a few threads came loose from the embroidery and on subsequent washing I’ve noticed a few thicker threads loosening from inside of the binding tape and from the edge of the lapel near the skirt.

In general, I am very happy with this gi; it’s lightweight, fits well, is lots of fun to wear and feels great on.  My only concern is with the loose threads mentioned above. I am curious to see how the stitching and binding holds up after many more months of use.  I’ve read other Atama reviews that have made note of the loose-threads issue and for a $200 garment, my expectation would be higher-quality finishing.

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HUGE thanks to Briana for the Atama Leticia Ribeiro gi review!  Do you own this gi? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below!

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