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5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can’t Live Without

5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can’t Live Without

5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can't Live Without

There are so many items to buy on the BJJ market… What gear is actually worth buying?

There’s a whole market of goods associated with BJJ and in that market there are products that are and are not worth spending your money on.  I remember when I first started training and became mystified with all of the different products and accessories sold on the various web-shops that sell BJJ related products, and I didn’t know which products were really worth the money that I would spend on them.  Here’s a list of 5 products that I can tell you for a fact you may not realize that you’re missing, but will be very happy with once you’ve bought them:

1 . A Gear Bag

5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can't Live Without

A gear bag specifically made for martial arts gear.  When I first started training I thought my old backpack from high school would suffice.  It was big, durable, had lots of different compartments.  I thought for sure it would be fine for my jiu jitsu gear.  What I didn’t realize was that the wear and tear on a bag used for jiu jitsu is a bit different.  We sweat in our gear and that sweat then permeates our gear bag.  You’re better off getting a bag specifically made for the kind of stuff we use (gis, gloves, etc) as it will very often be made of fabric that is appropriate for these activities.  Also, its compartments will specifically be designed to accommodate the gear we use.

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2. A Good Foam Roller

5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can't Live Without

A good foam roller.  The first time I saw a foam roller I had no clue what I was looking at.  I saw one of my teammates rolling on this PVC pipe with foam ridges on it and it seemed to hurt in a good way.  I tried it out and felt my entire back crack, like an incredible chiropractic adjustment.  I since bought a few foam rollers, one with hard spikes on it, one with softer foam ridges.  These are crucial to both pre and post work out exercise.  A good foam roller is priceless and I have a small one that goes with me to every tournament.

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3. A Mouth Guard

5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can't Live Without

A mouth guard.  This may seem like a no brainer to many, but I’ve actually seen people COMPETE without mouth guards.  That’s dangerous.  Teeth are very important and very expensive to fix, do not roll without a mouth guard.  Trust me on this.  There are many brands, makes and models of mouth guards, and all I have is a cheap 10 dollar boil and bite, but I know that it has saved me from many injuries.

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4. A Good, Versatile Compression Wrap

5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can't Live WithoutA good, versatile compression wrap that accommodates ice packs.  We beat ourselves up on a daily basis, and very often our joints suffer.  In many cases, simply icing the area of a minor injury can help heal it much faster.  Granted there are injuries for which physical therapists are now recommending AGAINST icing, but the severity of most injuries can be reduced by compression and icing.  There are wraps made specifically for this purpose and they are a good investment for any serious jiujiteiro.


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5. A Pair of Knee Pads

5 Pieces of BJJ Gear That You Can't Live WithoutKnee pads.  I’m serious about this: when we train we put a LOT of wear and tear on our knees, whether or not you realize it.  Wearing a simple knee sleeve on each knee can make a HUGE difference as they protect your knees from trauma while at the same time help keep your knees warm.  Your joints contain fluid called synovial fluid which functions to protect the joints, if the joint is warmed up prior to exercise chance of injury is lower.  Knee pads help with this. Click here for a full buyers guide on knee sleeves.

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These are just 5 accessories that, if you don’t have, you might want to consider making an investment.

Any piece of BJJ gear you can't live without? Let us know in the comments below!

Emil Fischer
Emil Fischer
Emil Fischer is a Black Belt competitor training under Pablo Castro at Strong Style MMA in Independence Ohio. Emil writes for various jiu jitsu related blogs and magazines, is a brand ambassador for Ludwig Van and Vanguard Kimono and is sponsored by Trap And Roll Soap, Impact Mouth Guards, The Terphouse, Cleveland Cryo, Nottarookie, Eddys on Coventry and Meerkatsu You can check out more of his work and his competition footage at


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