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2012 GiReviews BJJ Holiday Gift Guide – Nogi Edition


I know that some of you saw our last post about what gi-related things would be awesome to get (I mean give!) this holiday season and were like

Yeah right, Brendan.  How is any of that going to help me in the impending zombie apocalypse?

Oh.. you weren’t think that? That was just me.  Crap.

Regardless, zombies like to grab onto clothes so if the zombie apocalypse were to happen, or if you wanted to do something super crazy and train without the gi, here’s an awesome list of nogi things that you should buy for yourself (read: others) this holiday season!

Scramble Rashguards

scramble-ranked-rashguard-bjjWhether it’s the 3/4 sleeve, Be Water, or the new Ranked rashguards, if you’re looking for a nogi grappling top, they have to be on your list of brands to check out.

Purchase: In the US, you can grab them from MMA Warehouse, the UK, pick them up directly from Scramble.

Fuji Sakana Rashguard

joe-rogan-black-belt-fuji-sakana-rashguardI love the Fuji Sakana rashguard.  I didn’t buy it just because Joe Rogan had it on when he got his black belt (note: he was also going full spats – see below)

Purchase:  You can grab this at MMA Warehouse, and Hatashita Sports

Scramble Grappling Spats

scramble-urban-camo-spatsIf you’re a man, a real man, you’ll go full spats. And if you’re wearing spats, they really should be Scramble.  Other brands like Tatami and Strike are okay, but the new Scramble spats collab with APLSD are amazing!

Purchase:  In the US, right now only has the new spats, but the still awesome older versions can be bought from Budovideos.  Obviously you can get them directly from Scramble if you live abroad!

Shoyoroll Rashguards and Nogi shorts

shoyoroll-ranked-rashguardI wasn’t digging the past rashguards that Shoyoroll put out, but I really like the large print on the arms and the other design aspects of them.  I’d say that these, along with the Scramble ranked rashguards listed above, are probably my favorite ranked rashguards right now!

Purchase: Pick these up at Budovideos

Manto Rashguards

manto beast rashguardI mentioned the Beast rashguard last year and thankfully, Manto has continued this design and I freaking love it.  Combined with the really cool, new Muerte rashguard, Manto shows that they can continue to make awesome rashguard designs.  Now if only they’d make some spats!

Purchase: You can grab these stateside at MMA Warehouse.

Tatami x Gawakoto Rashguard

tatami fightwear x gawakoto rashguardNot only does Tatami just make great high quality rashguards in general, but the design on this one blew me away.

Purchase: Hopefully, this will be for sale soon! I can’t wait to get one!

Gawakoto ‘Save the Earth’ rashguard and shorts

gawakoto save the earth rashguardAs you can probably tell, I’m a huge fan of BJJ artist Bong Abad’s artwork and the StE rashguard and shorts look amazing.  They’re fully sublimated with fantastic art and really stand out. Definitely a 10/10 on the bling scale.

Purchase: Gawakoto’s online store


Check out last year’s list as well for a few other great ideas!

About the Author Brendan

Brendan is the Founder and mastermind behind He is currently a Purple belt training in both gi and no gi. By day he is a elementary school teacher, by night, a jedi gi reviewer!

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Leave a Comment:

Dean Grove says November 21, 2012

Not mentioning the Datsusara Shorts ?


Also, you should maybe include a proper mouthpiece at both gi and no-gi.

A proper Mouthguard (Opro is amazing!) will be like a blessing,you wont notice it ever and can just train for hours because of that.

    Brendan says November 21, 2012

    Thanks for the comment Dean! We’re also going to be doing a bonus ‘Accessories’ that will have mouthguards 🙂

Stef says November 25, 2012

Any thoughts/opinion on the Shoyoroll spats? Also, do these (spats in general) usually fit women too?

    Brendan says November 26, 2012

    Hey stef. The shoyoroll spats didn’t seem like anything special. Just plain black spats that seemed just like my underarmour leggings from the photos. Generally they’ll fit women, but I’d make sure you get the correct size.

Justin Langlinais says November 26, 2012

Is there a brand (of spats) that would be better suited for a tall skinny person? I’ve been close to pulling the trigger on the colorful Scrambles a couple of times over the past year or two, but I’m just so worried that they’ll be too baggy near my waist and will end halfway up my shin… Would getting a larger size for length and then having it altered be a good choice? I’ve always assumed that because of the stitching, it might not be the best idea… Thanks!

    Brendan says November 26, 2012

    i probably wouldn’t advise having anybody try to modify a pair of spats, just due to the nature of the fabric. whats your height and weight?

      Justin Langlinais says November 27, 2012

      6’3″ and 165. Imagine a scarecrow with no stuffing.

        Brendan says November 28, 2012

        hahaha. yeah, that is a hard build to find spats for. I’d say contact some companies and see what they say! Scramble has awesome customer service. Might be worth shooting them an email?

lester says December 2, 2012

Rupture is not on the list ? That’s a shock ..

    Brendan says December 3, 2012

    I thought they were going out of business, Lester?

      lester says December 3, 2012

      Sadly .. Yes . But they still make the best rash guards and fight shorts EVER.

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