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For the last five years, GiReviews.Net has been the BJJ community’s home for the best reviews and articles on gis, gear, and other BJJ lifestyle goods.

My name is Brendan and in 2011, I was sick of searching forums and a million websites just to find reviews on gis that I was interested in.  Today, I’m proud to say that GiReviews is the most visited gi review website in the world.

If you’re new here, here are a few of my most popular and helpful posts:

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The Do or Die Hyperfly Premium Gi: Pretty Fly for a Gi Guy


Do or Die Hyperfly has cemented their position in the jiu jitsu community as one of the most sought after and respected brands.  I was sent their classic, cleanly designed and amazingly well made Premium gi for a review, I was not disappointed!

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The BJJ Globetrotters Gray Super Light Travel Gi: For the Discerning Jiu Jitsu Tourist

BJJ Globetrotters Super Light Travel Gi Review-banner1


If you are on the market for an ultra lightweight 100% rip stop travel gi, you may want to seriously consider the BJJ Globetrotters Super Light Travel gi.  This gi has a lot going for it including durability due to its amazing materials and comfort and its embroideries and patchwork are beautiful.

Check out the 250 gsm ultra lightweight Tatami Traveller gi

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Tatami Mike Fowler Signature Gi: As functional as it is beautiful.

Tatami Mike Fowler Signature Gi Review - cover-2


The gi Mike Fowler designed specifically for his match against turtle guard legend Eduardo Telles.  This is perhaps the most beautiful garment I’ve ever seen, forget jiu jitsu related.  As a gi it is a tough, functional product.

Click here to purchase Tatami Mike Fowler Signature Gi at Amazon

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Manto X Pro Light BJJ Gi Review



Caution: The new Manto X Pro Light gi may turn you into a Spartan War god from 480BC.

It may also turn you into Abraham Marte.

Same thing.

The Manto X Pro Light gi is offered in two color variations: Blue with white stitching and white with purple stitching.  Originally, I was skeptical about checking out on of Manto’s gi because I’ve always enjoyed their nogi gear, but some of their original gi offerings weren’t that great. Would this be different?

Purchase the Manto X Pro Light at MMA Warehouse



The Manto X Pro Light gi features a 450gsm pearl weave jacket and ripstop pants.  The gi seems to be a middle-of-the-road training and competition gi. It’s not superlightweight (causing a loss in durability) or heavyweight (making it difficult to wear to weigh in at IBJJF tournaments).  The ripstop trousers help to round out a gi that will be a solid training gi today, next year, and on into the future.

Manto X Gi Review Video



Initially (and as seen the video above), you can see that this gi was a bit large on me (photos are pre-wash).  According to their size chart, the Manto X gi in size A3 will fit somebody who is 5’11” – 6’4″ so as I am about 6’1″, it’s understandable that this gi is a bit long on me.


Additionally, the weight requirements for the Manto X gi are 175-210lbs.  I’m at the top end of the weight limit for the gi and I feel that it could easily accommodate somebody who is 225lbs.  Best to stick with the size chart found below. Measure a gi that you love the fit of and compare its measurements to the ones below to ensure the best fit!





The new Manto X Pro Light gi strikes me as a typical ‘Manto‘ design: classic with a bit of crazy.  I still think the above image is only loosely tied to that, but it doesn’t change the fact that the man plugging his ears still makes me chuckle.

Check out these BJJ gis by Manto at Amazon

The design of the Manto X Pro Light gi lends itself to a sense of timelessnes.  It’s very classic in a sense that what holds true about it now will also be true in the future.  The letters are bold without being comical and the design is flashy without being considered ‘bling.’


The large ‘X’ design on the interior of the gi is clean and bold, much like the rest of the design.  It can’t be seen while wearing it, or even if your jacket opens up, like on DoOrDie gis, but it does create an aura of ‘BJJ Lifestyle’ that serves as a great reminder to the wearer whenever they put it on.


I think I might be a bit crazy, but I really like it when a gi has a great overall design, without having to repeat the same 2-3 patches or embroidery all over it.  This solo patch on the shin is very small and understated and can’t be found anywhere else on the gi. I love that.  The Scramble Athlete gi is also similar in this manner because it has a great cohesive design, but without repeating the exact same design over and over.


There is a cool cohesiveness that permeates the design of this gi.  Everything flows together nicely with nothing out of place.


The theme is held through the embroidery, all patches, cuff tape, and even the washing label.


The jacket is made of 450gsm pearl weave material and if it weren’t so big on me at first, it probably wouldn’t have felt that heavy. I wore it once to class without washing it, which was absolutely dreadful.  After that, I washed and dried it numerous times to get it to shrink down to a level that would fit me.


One of my first qualms with gis is whether they are able to be worn comfortably.  When I noticed that the Manto gi had a lot of taping all over the inside of the jacket and sleeves, this was immediately a concern.

Thankfully, the taping on the jacket is comfortably folded under and properly done.  Because it should be.

Additionally, the jacket features very minimal reinforcements (maybe to keep it lighter), and seems to me to be a very average pearl weave jacket.



There is really nothing too special about the trousers.  They’re a solid, basic  ripstop pant without an extra frills or foolishness.


The drawstring system is a standard 4 loop system that does its job without having to do anything revolutionary.  This also means that you’ll have no trouble getting them approved for IBJJF gi checkers.  And if you do, just go stand next to Abraham Marte wearing his. You’ll get a pass.


I had no trouble pulling off my inverted half-galaxy Portuguese omelet (patent-pending).  What kind of move is that, you ask? Can you post a video?

No, I can’t. It’s that serious.  It’s basically a berimbolo, into a crucifix, into an inverted standing triangle, 4 backflips, and a cross-collar choke. Basically.

Rolling Performance

As I mentioned previously, rolling with a gi that is ill-fitting is awful.  The A3 in Manto is cut larger than my Tatami Estilo and CTRL Industries A3 gis so wearing it without shrinking it first was a mistake.

Once I shrunk it down, it fit great and was a pleasure to roll and train in.  Sometimes when gis are shrunk, they tend to stretch during training and I didn’t notice any significant stretch of the sleeves or pants while I trained.

Although the belt loop system is minimalist, I didn’t notice any extra riding up of the belt or falling down of the pants.



The Manto X Pro Light gi can be found for around $175 from online retailers (check Amazon for current prices) so I think this is a fair offering for its great quality at that price point!

You can see, this gi also comes in an awesome blue/white combo (modeled again by the AWESOME Abraham Marte who is, coincidentally, rocking a patch from our good buddies at Gawakoto).


Club Boost Comp Gi: Making Jiu Jitsu Like a Day at the Spa

Club-Boost-Comp-Gi-Reviewby Emil Fischer


I was given the opportunity to review two different gis from Club Boost, a very active company.  The two gis that I reviewed are the Club Boost Comp Gi in white and the Club Boost Samurai Gi in black.  This is a review of the Comp Gi, I will cover both a review of the gi as well as some contrast and comparison between it and the Samurai gi.

Check out more Pearl Weave gis at MMA Warehouse

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JustGiPants Gi Pants Review

JustGiPants-ripstop-white-pants-reviewJustGiPants Summary

It’s true that gi pants are typically the first thing to rip or tear. And its a total gi-nerd-bummer when you rip the matching pants to your favorite gi. Right now, only offers their gi pants in white and blue, but once they start to offer multiple colors and contrast stitching, you’ll be set for life. [Update, 5th Jan 2017: They now offer the classic drillstop pants in addition to the ripstops, and have added tights to their collection.]

Purchase JustGiPants Modern White Gi Pants from Amazon

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IBJJF Gi Regulations Decoded


What follows are the rules for the IBJJF in regards to kimonos.  Keep these in mind if you have read our reviews and are looking to purchase a new gi.  Unless you only want it for training, be sure to follow the guidelines.  If you’ve never been to an International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation tournament, you have never seen the gi checks they do.  The checks are serious and there is no need to be disqualified ahead of time.


Check out these awesome deals on IBJJF-approved gis at Amazon!

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Submission FC Light Gi Review


Submission FC Light Gi Summary

The submission FC light gi is a fairly nice gi at the lower end of the bjj gi price spectrum. It offers a decent quality, further enhanced by its nearly $100 price tag. If you’re a gi buyer on a budget, but still want a decent gi, then this is the gi for you.

Shop for Submission FC Light Gi on Amazon

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Reevo Aerolight II Gi Review: I can feel it, rolling in the Aerolight… Oh Lord…



A product of Hatashita International, the Reevo Aerolight II is an innovative product with the unique feature of mesh venting in its underarms.  This is an attractive and durable product that can make a fine addition to your gi collection.

Editor’s Note: Keep on reading to see how you can get a $50 discount when you buy the Aerolight V2! (Hint: Promo code involved).

Purchase the Reevo Aerolight V2 Gi from Amazon

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2016 Black Friday BJJ Deals, Coupons and Promos



We know that there are tons and tons of BJJ promos for Black Friday, it’s enough to make your head spin. So we thought we’d help and show you the best places to get started.

And so we here at have come up with a short list of some of the awesomest deals and promos for BJJ gear this Black Friday 2016!

This list includes brands that we know and trust. They offer the best quality BJJ gis and sports apparel, and are also known for their top-notch customer service.

We hope you will find your next favorite gi at insane discounts in one of the sites we’ve included here! And maybe something for Christmas too!

Check out Amazon’s BJJ Super Deals for Black Friday

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